How to download your Facebook Featured Stories

The social network Facebook continues to lead the preference of users in the world and should not cause surprise. Since with the inclusion of new functions such as highlighted stories, it is on everyone’s lips. And in this article we will talk precisely about them and we will tell you how to download your featured stories from Facebook from your mobile .

For many users it is important to be able to save those videos or photos that are uploaded to Facebook from the featured stories. And even more so when we all know that these only have an ephemeral duration, of just one day, that is 24 hours. And we will show you how simple it is to download them to your mobile, so easy how to deactivate subtitles in Facebook videos .

The truth is that Facebook stories represent one of the functions that are most exploited by users. But surely you have been curious to know if it is possible to save or download them to your mobile before they disappear. And the truth is that if it is possible and then we will teach you how to download your Facebook stories from your cell phone .

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  1. How can you download your story before uploading it to Facebook?
  2. How can you activate the backup of stories on Facebook so that they are saved automatically?
    1. On Android
    2. With your iPhone

How can you download your story before uploading it to Facebook?

If you haven’t uploaded the Facebook stories, you don’t need to download them , but if you want to save them first. You can make use of a tool that you have on your smartphone and it involves taking a screenshot from your mobile .

But if your smartphone does not allow you to do this, there are other applications that you can download from virtual stores. In other words, from the Play Store or App Store and download your friends’ Facebook stories without any inconvenience.

Among the available applications we can recommend Save Story For Facebook Stories , available for Android devices. In the case that you use devices that work with iOS system, for now you can only download the stories from the screenshot .

How can you activate the backup of stories on Facebook so that they are saved automatically?

Facebook offers us an option through which you can make a backup of your stories automatically . But first it is necessary that you activate the function or else it will happen as it happens with all the stories after 24 hours, they will disappear. To activate the automatic archiving of your stories you must proceed according to the mobile device you use.

On Android

The steps you must take to activate the story archive is as follows, first log in and enter your Facebook profile . The next step is to go to the upper right corner where the icon with three horizontal lines is located. Then find and select your profile name and then click on the three dots icon.

This action will take you to a window and in it click on the ‘File’ option, then find and select the ‘Story Archive’ option. Now you just have to search and activate the option to archive your stories. And every time you want to search for a saved file , you can access it from here.

With your iPhone

If in your case you have an iPhone, you are going to do the following, click on the Facebook icon and enter the data to start the session of your account . The next step is for you to go to the lower corner where the three-line icon is located. Now you must click on your profile name and then put your attention under your cover photo, there you will find the three-point icon.

When you find it, click on it, so that you are taken to a new window and in it you will search and select the option ‘Files’. To then click on the option ‘Story files’ and now go on to activate the function so that it is automatically saved . Something you should keep in mind is that if you delete a story it will not be saved in the files, this applies for both operating systems.

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