How to Download Web Pages in Chrome

Using Google Chrome to browse the different web pages that there are is something that is seen very often among users, but it is possible that you lose your internet connection and cannot continue on this website, it is for this circumstance that Chrome has a tool to download the different web pages that we want.

This is to make use of it without being connected. What if we don’t know how to save internet pages from Chrome on Android and PC to use them offline? In this short tutorial we will teach you methods and tips for you to do it effectively.

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  1. How are web pages saved without internet connection from Android?
  2. How to download a page in Chrome from a PC to read without internet?
  3. Where are the downloaded pages to read offline?
  4. How are downloads managed in Chrome?
  5. How to remove saved websites from download panel?

How are web pages saved without internet connection from Android?

Saving web pages without internet connection from Android is quite useful, since it does not matter where we are, we can open the page without any inconvenience , this comes in handy when saving some type of recipe kitchen, an interesting article, a tutorial and others, to do this we must have the software of our Android device updated , apart from that we are going to follow these steps:

  • First we start by opening Chrome from the application menu of our Android device.
  • In the Chrome browser we will enter the website that we want to store in the offline web pages.
  • Within the desired website we have to press and hold on its link until the option “Download the link” appears, we can also press the three points in the corner and touch the download icon.
  • The website will begin to download in order to use it and open it without the need for an internet connection or mobile data.

How to download a page in Chrome from a PC to read without internet?

We can also apply this option from the Chrome browser for computers, this time we recommend downloading the updated version of Google Chrome for your computer, since not all versions of this browser have this option, in addition to that, we will follow the instructions that are shown below:

  • We open the Chrome browser on our computer and we will look for the web page that we want to have saved to view it offline.
  • Within this page we will press the three points that are in the upper right part of the interface, right next to the search bar.
  • We go to the option of more tools and we will click on “Save page as”, or more simply we will press the “Ctrl + S” keys on our physical keyboard.
  • A new pop-up window will appear, we have to make sure that at the bottom of it the file type is “Web Page (Complete)”.
  • Our page will begin to download from the same download manager on our computer.

Something worth mentioning is that, this option is very similar to downloading files, pages or content from Chrome to drive , this to have all the files you want stored and access them at any time without the need to have a connection to internet or mobile data

Where are the downloaded pages to read offline?

Everything will depend on the version of the Google Chrome browser that we have used at the time of downloading the offline web page, either on Android devices or the desktop versions for PC, here we will show you how to access these pages from any of these versions.

On the one hand, if we download from our Android device, usually the page will be found in the following path: Internal memory or internal storage> Download , the file will have a “web” extension, while on the other hand, the page Offline downloaded from our computer will be found by default in the download folder, this unless we have modified the path where the page was saved before downloading.

How are downloads managed in Chrome?

This would already be a question of where we choose to save our downloads, since Chrome allows us to modify the path where the downloaded files are saved , but generally in Android they are saved in the internal storage of the device, right in the downloads folder, while that in computers is saved in the computer downloads.

How to remove saved websites from download panel?

Deleting websites downloaded in Chrome from any of its versions is extremely easy, since we only have to access the download panel of our browser by clicking on the three small dots in the upper right corner and entering the downloads, just to the right of each of the pages that we saved previously we will find three points, which when pressed will give us 2 options, of which we will choose the one to delete.

On the side of the versions of Chrome for desktops or computers with Windows 10 in its latest version and others, we will access the download folder and after locating the saved pages that we want to delete, we will choose them and right click to press the delete option , or more simply we will press the “Del” key on our physical keyboard.

Make contact technical support Google Chrome ensure a speedy resolution of the problems present in any of the versions of the browser, as your prompt attention by email greatly favors the effectiveness when solving certain mishaps you are presenting when using this browser.

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