How to download Tumblr videos from iPhone or Android cell phone?

Within social networks there are a wide variety of platforms, with different functions and content. Today we are going to know a little about Tumblr, its main objective since its foundation is to exchange your opinions, photos, videos , audio quotes and much more, here you can answer the notes or comments in a simple way. Also those who are registered can follow other users to see their contents, you can even get or take the Tumblr theme of another person , for this it is considered a social network.

What is Tumblr and how does it work?

To begin we must understand that microblogging is , it is a tool that helps us to upload photos and at the same time write things that happen to us.

It has become a great ally for those who love to combine two passions in one place. Among its main characteristics is the publication of blogs , in it they are shown, shared, and improved for the benefit of the user according to the topic that interests each of them.

When these blogs are published on Tumblr, there are functions that allow them to be placed on the site when the user decides. Tumbrl gained a large field in content that was not suitable for all ages, but then it began to regulate content and is now a platform with content suitable for all ages.

That is why we can that one of them can share their posts live, within the blogs of the people who are their follower at that time, this function is the most common, you can also send them to other social networks that you have linked.

There is another way to publish the Posts, setting the date, time and how many times it will appear on your blog . There is another way is to collaborate to find information to other users by placing labels to locate what you want more quickly. It also makes the user change what he has written on his blog, thus modifying the style of his blog.

The advantage of Tumblr focuses on its blog function, the view it presents with its images attracts attention, now we will see that downloading videos within Tumblr can sometimes seem difficult, but today we will learn how to do it and it is very easy.

How to download Tumblr videos from Android cell phone?

First of all, you have to know that the methods to download content should always be used to download content free of copyright or content of our property or of third parties as long as we have their direct permission.

To download videos on our mobile with Android operating system we can use several applications, but today we will do it with this one called KeepVid Android this is compatible with Tumblr, it allows downloading videos in high definition in order to maintain image quality, in addition to having a seeker to facilitate work.

Step 1

You have to search and download the application from here . Install the application and open it to display the main menu.

Step 2

In the main menu the different options will appear , locate Tumblr, access it from this application.

Step 3

On Tumblr, search for the video or movie you want to download. When you have it located on the right side of the video, you will see the button that says download, click on it to start the process.

Step 4

Then you must choose the quality with which you want to download. The video will be saved on Tumblr in the folder that is identified as downloaded and you will be able to see it immediately.

How to download Tumblr videos from iPhone?

To achieve this we only have to download an application that is available called Tyblr, it is free, it is very easy to do so, we explain:

Step 1

We enter our account

Step 2

We look for the video that we like, now we click the button that is down on the right side that is identified as save and we already have it downloaded.

Now go to this link to get more information related to this platform, learn how to embed images or HTML content on Tumblr.


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