How to download stickers for free

Chatting daily through the most popular instant messaging services you noticed that your friends use a varied multitude of stickers , the stickers based on small illustrations of real and fictional characters. Whenever even one of these stickers appears on the chat, everything suddenly seems more lively and fun, doesn’t it?

Having an extremely limited quantity available, you have already tried asking your friends to explain how to get the stickers in question but, so far, no one has been able to clearly explain how to download stickers for free and, for this reason, you would like to know if I can help you, did I guess? Yup? Very well, then consider it already done! It will be my care to provide you with an exhaustive overview of the best third-party applications that offer you stickers to use on various messaging services totally free.

How do you say? Don’t you really want to install other apps on your device since the memory of the latter is low? No problem, I will also explain how to use the integrated functions for stickers in some particularly popular messaging services. Then? What are you still doing standing there? Don’t waste your precious time and continue reading the tutorial. I wish you a lot of fun!


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How to download stickers for free: Android

Below I’m going to show you, in detail, how to download and use one of the reference apps on Android for stickers . In addition, I’ll also walk you through the mechanics of a feature in Gboard , Google’s popular keyboard, that might just be for you. Finally, I’ll also introduce you to a selection of particularly good (and free) apps for downloading stickers. Here are the details.


Have you already heard of GIPHY ? No? Then I’ll explain immediately what it is. GIPHY is one of the most popular applications ever when it comes to creating and sharing GIFs , memes and, of course, stickers (most of which are animated). The app provides you with a potentially unlimited virtual catalog of images, easy to consult, totally free, you just need to create an account with a valid email address or log in with your Facebook or Apple account .

To download the app I am talking about, visit the GIPHY page on the Play Store (also check the alternative stores if the Google one is not available on your device) and press the Install button . Once the app download has been completed, start it by pressing on its icon (a colored page on a black background) that you find on the home screen or in the app menu.

Proceed, then, by pressing the Get started button and decide whether to log in with your Apple or Facebook accounts (by pressing the appropriate buttons), or again, enter an email address , a username and a password in the appropriate fields and finally press the Sign up button to register.

Once you have accessed the application interface, tap on the Stickers item located at the top right and scroll through the list of all those proposed to you. Alternatively, if you want to search for a particular sticker, tap on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom center, then select the Stickers item and type the name of what you are looking for in the search bar at the top.

Once you have found the sticker you are interested in, tap on its preview to open it and then press the  icon at the bottom right. From here, tap on the Save GIF item to download the sticker you have selected (press the Allow button to confirm, if required). Done! In this way you can download all the stickers you want from this application, start browsing the list of those proposed to find the ones that are right for you!


Maybe you didn’t know it but Gboard , the Google keyboard (one of the most complete and versatile on Android) which is pre-installed and set as default on many smartphones (such as those from Xiaomi ), has a very simple functionality that allows you to download a incredible variety of stickers (animated and not) in a handful of taps without, therefore, having to resort to other applications.

How do you say? Gboard is not installed on your smartphone and you would like to know how to proceed to download it? I’ll settle you immediately. all you have to do is open the page of the keyboard in question on the Play Store and tap the Install button .

At this point, once the Gboard download is complete, you will need to replace it (even temporarily) with your default keyboard. I explained to you, some time ago, how to do this on Samsung , Huawei and Android- based smartphones in general (please, download keyboards from reliable suppliers only!). After carrying out the steps that I have listed so far, start Gboard by tapping on any field of compilation and proceed by tapping on the icon of the smiling sticker located at the top of the keyboard, on the left.

You will be offered a list of stickers based on funny cartoon-style fictional characters. Then press the Add button at the bottom, inside each box , to download a pack of stickers based on the character that is shown to you in the previews.

Once this is done, an icon of the character in question will appear at the top of the keyboard: tap on it, to view all the stickers of the package you just downloaded.

Alternatively, you can also search for a particular sticker (without having to download anything), by tapping on the magnifying glass icon located at the top left of Gboard and typing some text in the appropriate field .

Other apps to download free stickers

How do you say? have you tried the solutions mentioned above and none of them are right for you? Don’t despair: there are other third-party solutions, equally valid, ready to be installed on your device, which will help you without ado to make your chats more lively. I’ll list them below.

  • ly– one of the most popular sticker apps ever. Includes a huge selection of stickers (animated and not). In addition, also offers you the ability to easily create custom stickers using the photos and videos stored on your device. You can also download stickers created by other users. The app is free (contains some small advertising banners) but requires registration of an account or access via Google or Facebook profile .
  • New Funny Stickers & Sticker Maker– this application also offers you a large catalog of stickers and the possibility to create your own using the photos and videos of your device. With a button you have the possibility to immediately add stickers to WhatsApp. The application contains advertisements but can be used for free.
    WAStickerApps – the app in question has a large assortment of stickers (many of them animated) and the same is updated regularly. From the Memes tab of the app you can download sticker packs and add them directly to WhatsApp. The application is free but, like the others I have recommended, it contains some advertising banners.

How to download stickers for free: iPhone

Now that I have shown you how to download free stickers on Android , if you agree, I would proceed to do the same operation on iOS . The GIPHY app , with its well-stocked catalog, is also available on the App Store and in the next few lines I will explain how to download it. In addition, I will also show you how other free sticker apps work that provide you with lots of stickers for your every need. Read on for details.


GIPHY doesn’t need long introductions. The app in question, over time, thanks to its vast selection of GIFs, memes and stickers, has become a real reference point for the search for the aforementioned elements. GIPHY also has the fact that it is completely free as long as you register an account or log in with your Apple or Facebook profile .

Downloading the app I am talking about on your device is a breeze : just open the official GIPHY page on the App Store, tap the Get / Install button and proceed to verify your identity with Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password (if required). Once you have downloaded the application, launch it from the home screen or from the App Library by tapping on the colored page icon on a black background. For details on how the application works, I refer you to the chapterin which I showed you the latter on Android (you will notice some differences only in the procedure for saving the stickers which, for example, can also be downloaded as Live Photos on iPhone ).

Top Stickers Sticker Maker

The other app I want to recommend you to download stickers is Top Stickers Sticker Maker . It is an application that will, in all likelihood, be for you since it has a large number of ready-to-use sticker packs. Furthermore, using it you also have the possibility to create your own. The app is free , but only allows access to certain sticker packs; other packages are only available by switching to the full version of the app (€ 2.99) or by viewing an advertising spot.

To download the app in question to your “iPhone by” or to your iPad, open this page of the App store and press the Get / Install button . Then verify your identity with Face ID , Touch ID, or Apple ID password (if necessary). After downloading and starting Top Stickers Sticker Maker, press on the Sticker item at the bottom left and then tap on the Show all item located at the top, next to the Top Stickers item .

Alternatively, if you notice a category that interests you among the many available (eg. Emotions , Memes , Cartoons , TV / Film , People , Sports and so on) you can tap on the Show all item that you find corresponding to the category names same. If you are not satisfied with what you see, you can also resort to a manual search by pressing the magnifying glass icon and typing text in the search bar at the top.

Once you have found the sticker pack that’s right for you, tap on its preview , then press the Send stickers button at the bottom, choose the messaging service you prefer ( WhatsApp , Telegram , iMessage ) and, finally, press on the Save button . Really simple, isn’t it?

Other apps to download free stickers

Those I have told you about are just some of the many solutions you have available to download stickers on your “iPhone by”. In the list below, I propose other third-party applications that I consider particularly valid and that can provide you with what you are looking for.

  • Sticker Maker Stickers Studio– on iOS this is one of the most popular, popular and well-liked apps when it comes to stickers. From its point of view, the application in question, has some definitely noteworthy points in favor such as the fact that it is totally free and very well supplied, with sticker packs based on fictional and really existing characters. In addition, the same app also offers you the ability to create custom stickers.
  • ly– another particularly popular application that I also mentioned in the similar chapter on Android. It is one of the apps with the most diverse sticker assortment as many stickers are created and shared by other users. The app is free but to use it you will need to create an account or log in with your Facebook or Google profile.
  • StickerHub– the app in question offers you a large selection of stickers, many of them specially created by particularly popular illustrators. Furthermore, StickerHub also allows you to create custom stickers and, using some special buttons, you can export the stickers from the app to Telegram and WhatsApp . This is a free solution but some sticker packs are paid.

How to download free stickers for WhatsApp

WhatsApp , the popular instant messaging service, available on Android , iOS and computers , has a convenient “standard” feature that allows you to download tons of new sticker packs instantly and for free. How do you say? Did not you know? then I’ll show you immediately how to use this option, I assure you it will take a moment.

First start WhatsApp and go to the Chat tab , in order to open one of the available conversations. At this point, click on the compilation field , below, and make sure that the icon shown on the left on the field itself is that of a keyboard .

If not, click on the icon that is shown to you (in this case it should be that of a smiley face ). Proceed, then, by tapping on the sticker icon located at the bottom right (next to that of the GIFs ) and, from here, press the + button located at the top right of the keyboard. You will be shown the list of sticker packs included in WhatsApp (complete with previews).

Just scroll down the list to view them all and, once you have found what you are interested in, to download it, all you have to do is press the button with the arrow pointing down , placed next to the previews. Easy, right? Once you have downloaded the new stickers in this way to find them, just press the sticker icon at the bottom of the WhatsApp keyboard. The installed packages will be shown to you via icons at the top of the keyboard.

I also point out that there are several third-party apps, both on Android and on iPhone, to create stickers for WhatsApp : I told you about it in the tutorial I just linked to.

How to download free stickers for Telegram

Similarly to WhatsApp , also on Telegram , another popular messaging app available on Android , iOS and computer , you have the possibility to download various animated sticker packs quickly and for free, thanks to a function integrated in the aforementioned application. I’ll show you immediately what I mean.

First, open Telegram and select the chat of your interest. At this point, click on the icon of the smiling sticker located in the message field, at the bottom left. Proceed, then, by pressing the + button at the top left of the keyboard in front of you.

You will be shown a list of sticker packs: to download them, all you have to do is press the Add button located next to the pack you are interested in. You can also search by typing some text in the bar with the magnifying glass icon at the top. See how easy it is to find new stickers?

Once you have downloaded the stickers in the way I have just shown you, to find them again, just press the sticker icon placed on the compilation field through which you can compose a new message. Finally, I inform you that you have the possibility to create stickers for Telegram : read my dedicated guide to learn more.

How to download stickers for free: computer

Do you have a PC running Windows , a Mac or a computer based on other operating systems and would like to get new stickers for free? The simplest solution, in this case, is to use the convenient service offered by the GIPHY portal . The latter includes the same large selection of stickers I told you about by introducing you to the app of the same name on Android and iOS .

To take a look at the portal in question, simply open the relevant Web page with any browser and click on the Stickers item located at the top right. At this point, by scrolling the page, you will be able to see a potentially unlimited list of stickers. If you prefer, you can search for stickers specifically by clicking on the black search bar with the magnifying glass icon located on the left.

Once you have found the sticker that is right for you, press on its preview to open it, then, if you use a Windows PC , right-click on the sticker image and select the Save image as (or similar) item from the menu contextual. It really took a moment, do you agree?

For applications such as Telegram and WhatsApp , which include sticker packages inside them, you can refer to the information I gave you in the previous chapters.

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