How to download Reality Converter for macOS

Currently, we have many interesting tools that allow us to squeeze the possibilities of our Macs. One of them is this app that we bring you today. Therefore, we want to tell you how to download Reality Converter for macOS .

Download Reality Converter for macOS

First of all, what does this app do? Reality Composer was announced in September at WWDC 2019. It is a tool that allows you to create easy augmented reality elements from any device, as long as it is compatible with iOS 13 .

There is no doubt that augmented reality is one of the subjects that most attract users today, which is why these types of apps are useful and popular. So, with it, developers will be able to introduce 3D elements into their apps easier.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with Reality Composer . In such a way that developers can customize USDZ 3D objects on Mac , keeping the format in which they work, to squeeze their possibilities.

But in addition, it is not only an interesting feature, it is also easy to use. You will simply have to drag and drop the 3D files . This is how you can make the compositions you want to see them converted.

So, if you are a developer or you just like messing around with these augmented reality elements, you can now use Reality Converter together with Reality Composer . By trying it you don’t lose anything!


Yes. Apple has already released the first beta of Reality Converter for macOS . It is available from the Apple website, yes, you will need a developer account to enter.

Simply enter this link and you will be able to download it. Before you will have to log in but then it will be downloaded automatically.

  • Be careful, remember that it is a beta, it may contain errors that will be solved over time through new updates.

Now that you know how to download Reality Converter for macOS , you just have to enjoy it and tell us what you think about it.

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