How to download PowerPoint for free

Getting the program par excellence to create presentations on our computer or mobile for free has never been so easy, because we can download PowerPoint in just a few simple steps and, in addition, you can use it both on the mobile and on the computer without any restrictions .

Microsoft PowerPoint is a popular program for creating animated or static presentations with which we can surprise our bosses or classmates. Getting this program for free is very simple, then we will tell you how you can do it.

How to download Word for free

PowerPoint application

Very recently the PowerPoint, Word and Excel apps appeared in the Google Play and AppStore application catalog , which we can download for free on both types of devices.

The mobile version of PowerPoint allows us to create all kinds of presentations, we can also share them with whoever we want and use almost all the functions that the desktop version brings.

One of the great advantages that Microsoft PowerPoint provides us on mobile devices is the opportunity to work outside the home, and thus edit our slides without having to be at our computer.

  • Download PowerPoint for Android
  • Download PowerPoint for iOS

PowerPoint web version

A few years ago Microsoft released its web version of the entire office suite it has, among the programs that we can use online are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and of course Microsoft PowerPoint.

The web version of this suite allows us to use the program as if we had it on our computer , it is not necessary to download it, so that we can access almost all the functions that PowerPoint has. Among its limitations we can highlight that we will not be able to have maximum compatibility since not all files are compatible with the web version, the themes can be used in the presentations, but we cannot edit them in any way.

Now, using PowerPoint online is one of the easiest ways to have this program for free, as well as without having to download it, so you can store the presentations you have created in your Microsoft cloud, One Drive.

Web: PowerPoint online

Full version of PowerPoint

If still, you have not been convinced to have PowerPoint for free, you can opt for the last option which will be to have the complete office suite , for which you must have a paid Office 365 subscription.

The full version of Office is obtained by paying this subscription monthly or annually with which you will access the entire Microsoft office suite and thus you can have access to all the functions that the application has.

Web: PowerPoint with Office 365

Alternatives to PowerPoint

In the event that you have not yet made the decision to obtain an Office 365 subscription and that the web and mobile versions of PowerPoint seem insufficient, you can resort to some alternatives.

Google Presentations

The G Suite allows us to create animated and static presentations much more complete than the web version of PowerPoint, so thanks to this alternative, which is also totally free, you can have one more option to make your presentations online.

Web: Google Slides


Libre Office is a complete office suite for Windows that you can download for free, and you can also make presentations with its desktop application, you can also use its word processor and its app to create spreadsheets.


If you are a master at presentations, you will have to use Prezi to make them, with Prezi you can create animated presentations and take work or group project presentations to another level. You can use Prezi for free from its website.

Web: Prezi


The Canva website allows us to create all kinds of graphic content for social networks or messaging applications, but with it we can also create the most practical and attractive presentations.

Web: Canva


On your website we can create slides based on “motion graphics” that is moving images, we will also have many templates so that we can edit them and make our presentations more animated.

Web: PowToon

As you have seen, getting PowerPoint for free is very easy and it is even more so to use all the alternatives to the Microsoft program legally and for free, without having to pay any subscription for it.

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