How to download Play Store on my AOC Smart TV?

The world of technology has taken giant steps due to the constant implementation of new terminals and mobile devices, year after year these are launched on the market surpassing their predecessors and breaking all the parameters stipulated in specifications and characteristics, showing high quality products and accessible costs for the respective users.

Throughout this constant evolution, various operating systems and platforms have been present, showing and launching exceptional terminals to the market, thus proving to be companies and brands that continually strive to be at the top. Some of those companies and brands are Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and many more.

All these brands have presented devices and terminals with Windows, Linux, Android , iOS, MAC OS, etc. operating systems . Among the most common products of these companies we can denote mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets, Smart Watch, Monitors and Smart TVs or Smart TV. The latter have had an impressive boom in recent years.

Next, we will tell you a little about what a Smart TV is and what it can offer us . So read on and find out all the details, data and information related to these new and innovative high quality products.

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  1. What is a Smart TV and what can it offer us?
  2. What is AOC?
  3. How can I access the app store on an AOC Smart TV?
    1. Smart TV AOC Linux
  4. How to download Play Store on my AOC Smart TV?
    1. Directly from the browser
    2. With a USB
  5. Best Apps to install on my Smart TV AOC
    1. Netflix
    2. Disney Plus
    3. Amazon prime
    4. Youtube

What is a Smart TV and what can it offer us?

Given the constant evolution in the world of technology, televisions have not gone unnoticed. Smart TVs are televisions that have a much more powerful integrated software or operating system than that of older televisions. Normally these products are supported by platforms such as Android, this being the most common in most terminals.

Through these televisions we will have the ability to view all types of content over the internet , in addition to downloading applications to improve the experience within your terminal. If you have a Smart TV with Android operating system, you probably have the Play Store, from there you can download any appropriate app for your respective TV.

It is also very common for the brands of these televisions to have their own app stores, in which you can also download and install everything you want. From these devices we can enjoy all kinds of movies, series, videos and other content without having to leave your bed or your sofa. Without a doubt, an experience that you should not miss for any reason.

There are hundreds of companies totally focused on creating smart TVs , each and every one of them has interesting qualities and characteristics. But, there is a completely veteran brand that has been on the market for a good period of time and has managed to maintain itself without any problem. We are talking about the renowned AOC brand.

What is AOC?

It is a veteran company in charge of the manufacture of all kinds of electronic products. This important company was born in Taiwan in 1987 and until today it has managed to stay constantly in the market. Currently their main specialty is the creation of monitors for computers, they also have a line of quite interesting smart televisions.

How can I access the app store on an AOC Smart TV?

The application store on Smart TVs of the same brand is available through the “Home” button on the remote control that comes with the TV, press it and select the option that says “Smart TV Apps”, this is the official store of integrated applications.

Smart TV AOC Linux

AOC Smart TVs use a Linux-based version as their operating system, which gives its users the possibility of receiving support for their software in a very efficient way , thanks to the fact that this system is extremely powerful and has qualities that allow it to be updated. those functions that require an improvement or a total change.

How to download Play Store on my AOC Smart TV?

While it is true that the vast majority of current Smart TVs allow the installation of applications to extend the functions of these devices beyond watching television , they do not have the version for Andoid TV from the Play Store installed, so you have two ways to install it by yourself.

Directly from the browser

The first thing you should do is make sure that your Smart TV is connected to the internet, without connection you will not be able to install the app you need. Open the web browser of your Smart TV, and in the search engine write: “Google app for Android TV”.This will show you a series of results, among which you must locate the option that you see that is from the official Play Store page (you can identify it because it begins like this:, once you access that link will show you the option to install the application as if you were doing it on an Android mobile. Complete the installation process and you will see the icon of the app that you just installed appear in the menu of your Smart TV, it is possible that, when you start it for the first time, you must log in to the Google account that you want to link to your account. Google app for Android TV.

Once you have configured your email, you will be able to access the entire catalog of apps available at that time and that are compatible with your Smart TV.

With a USB

If you want to perform the installation process through a USB memory, then you must access from your computer an online apk download service such as once you have this page open in your browser, proceed to download the “Google app for Android TV” app from the Play Store, then you will have an .apk file that you can record on your USB memory and then copy it to your Smart TV and open it, this will make the app install and at the end of the process, open it so that you can start configuring your Google account, once you finish then you will be able to access the entire library of available applications.

Best Apps to install on my Smart TV AOC

AOC, like most companies, has its own app store, although this varies if the TV’s operating system is different . Omitting this, thanks to said Market you can download all kinds of applications and here we recommend some quite interesting ones.


If you are a lover of series, movies and documentaries this app is essential for you. Netflix is ​​a new streaming service where you will find all kinds of content, just choose the one you want the most and start enjoying it.

Disney Plus

Another streaming service, but no less important. With Disney Plus you will get all kinds of series and movies for the little ones in the house, but wait, this new service also has content for all ages, in which you will find great series such as WandaVision or The Mandalorian .

Amazon prime

Also known as Amazon Prime Video, the digital content broadcasting service managed by Amazon, you can purchase a monthly or annual membership and you will have thousands of titles available to you to choose from current series and movies, as well as classics.


If you want to be able to watch your favorite videos from the comfort of your home on the big screen, YouTube is the best solution. This application has the same features that you would get in the mobile app, only this time you can view it on your own television.


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