How to download music, photos and videos from WhatsApp Web on my Windows PC or Mac?

Currently there are a large number of methods with which music, photos and other types of files can be downloaded to a computer, starting with the download pages, whose main function is to facilitate the user to download the files that have already uploaded to it.

How to Download Music, Photos and Videos from WhatsApp Web on my Windows PC or Mac?

There are also other options such as download programs, which tend to be a little more efficient than pages, some come with a type of storage simultaneous to the download , which avoids the loss of it if the computer is turned off or restarted without notice, for example, Utorrent .

Now, among the most frequent that exist today, are downloads via WhatsApp , since the use of the smart phone has surpassed the use of a computer, therefore it is more common for files to be transmitted through this social network, and its Once, you need to know how to send them to a PC.

What is WhatsApp Web?

We can describe the WhatsApp Web extension as an alternative to using the social network under the same configuration and user of a smartphone. That is, you cannot create a profile if you do not have a phone number to which the WhatsApp application has previously been associated.

In terms of uses and tools, we can use the vast majority of everything that can be done in the application. We can send messages to registered contacts, we can send photos , we can even send voice notes if we have a microphone on the equipment that is being used, among others.

In addition, another of the best features is that it is not necessary to download or pay for its use , that is, it is completely free and very easy to use. We only have to access the official WhatsApp Web page, scan or without scanning the QR code with the cell phone and the interface with our user will automatically open.

Can it be used on all computers?

The vast majority of computers can use WhatsApp web, of course the efficiency and optimization in sending messages, files and among other things; It varies between the speed of the internet and the software installed on the computer, that is, the better the computer and the internet, the better the performance of the extension .

The service can be used in the most famous browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox , Opera, Safari and among others. Even some browsers in their latest updates have such incredible synchronization that it allows sending notifications to the user when the browser is not open.

How to download WhatsApp web, music, photos, videos on my Windows PC or Mac?

There are different methods to download multimedia files to a PC from WhatsApp Web, the main thing is to have the file in a conversation, since otherwise the download will not be possible. We can use a chat that is not as regular as storage of such content.

The second thing is to log into WhatsApp web where we will search for the conversation, this will be easy, since the order of the chats is exactly the same both in the application and on the web platform thanks to their synchronization. Then we proceed to open the file which we want to download.

Next, we will observe that the browser will open a pop-up window with the content, then we must locate ourselves in the upper right part of this interface and click on the “Download” icon that is represented by a downward arrow, we select the location in the new tab and voila.

It will automatically begin the download of the file which we select, then, to see the file we look at the destination where it was previously saved. This tool is really useful for those people who use their cell phones and computers very frequently and simultaneously.

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