How to download iTunes 11 from iTunes 12

With each new version of iTunes , Apple adds new features and changes the program’s interfaces. Sometimes these changes are small, otherwise they can be dramatic. Although these new features are commonly used by users, the interface may become inconsistent.

The update to iTunes 12 was such a change: users almost immediately began to complain about the changes. If you’re one of the dissatisfied users and you meet certain requirements, which we’ll explain for a moment – good news for you: you can download iTunes 12 to iTunes 11.

You can’t start a download in all software update scenarios: for example, if Apple releases a new version of iOS, you can’t generally revert to earlier versions . This is because Apple must have iOS “signed” or authorized installed. iTunes doesn’t have this limitation, so if you want to go back, you can do so, but …

Why shouldn’t you fall?

Even if you can I download iTunes 11, it does not mean that you should do . There are several important reasons for sticking to ITunes 12:

  1. Restoring older versions of iTunes restores the previous interface, but it can also cause problems. For example, iTunes upgrades are usually released with new iOS devices and iPods, and the two need to work together. As a result, an older version of iTunes may have trouble syncing with newer iPhones.
  2. This is very complicated and you may not have all the information you need. For example, the iTunes Library.xml file, which contains all the basic information from your library (such as playlists, playlists, star ratings , song and artist names, and so on), is associated with the version of iTunes you created when you created it. Therefore, if you have the iTunes Library.xml file created in iTunes 12, it cannot be used in iTunes 11. You need to re-create your library empty or create a version of iTunes 11 file that you can use instead.
  3. Because you’re using an older version of your iTunes Library.xml file, any changes you make to backing up your library and starting the download process will be lost. You must re-add music and other media and remove metadata associated with those files, such as playlists or new playlists.
  4. Downgrading iTunes in Windowsis a somewhat more complicated and different process. This article only covers downgrading to Mac OS X.

Because it is so complex and has many dependencies, this article cannot be considered on every user’s computer in every scenario. These guidelines provide a good overview of how to downgrade, but continue at your own risk .

What you need

If you’re still convinced you want to move down, you need what you need:

  • Backup your iTunes library
  • ITunes Library.xml file created in iTunes 11
  • A free program called App Cleaner. (Download it here)
  • ITunes 11th copy (download it here)

How to go back to iTunes 11

  1. Start giving up iTunes if it works on your computer.
  2. Install the application cleaner if you have not already done so.
  3. Then back up your iTunes library. Hacking shouldn’t be a problem – you shouldn’t touch your music, movies, apps, etc. at all, but it’s always safe, especially when your iTunes library is so large and complex. However, you prefer to back up your data (on-site, external hard drive, cloud service ) immediately.
  4. This will download iTunes 11 (or any previous version of iTunes you want to use) from the Apple website.
  5. Next, drag the iTunes music folder to your desktop. You can find it in ~ / Music / iTunes. Make sure you know where this folder is located: it contains all your music, apps, books, podcasts, and needs to be restored to its original location.
  6. Start the application cleaner. On the App Cleanermenu, click Preferences . In the Preferences window, click Brightness Defaults . Close the window.
  7. In the clean app market, click appsand then iTunes to search. Check the box next to it, and then click Search . A list of all the files associated with iTunes programs on your computer appears. By default, all files are marked for deletion. When you’re sure you want to delete iTunes 12, click Delete .
  8. Double-click the iTunes 11 installer and follow the instructions. When the installation is complete, don’t open iTunes yet.
  9. Drag your iTunes music folder (the one you referred back to your desktop in step 5) back to its original location: ~ / Music / iTunes.
  10. In Cleaner, step 7, you should remove the iTunes-compatible iTunes Library.xml file, which is currently ~ / Music / iTunes, but if it hasn’t, drag it to the Trash now.
  11. Find the iTunes Library.xml file that is compatible with your iTunes 11 and drag it to the iTunes folder (~ / Music / iTunes).
  12. Hold down the selectionand click the iTunes 11 icon to launch the program.
  13. A window will open asking you to create a new iTunes collection or select one. Click Select.
  14. In the window that appears, select Music in theleft sidebar and then the iTunes folder . Click OK .
  15. iTunes 11 should now open and load your iTunes 11-compatible iTunes Library. At this point, you should have iTunes 11 and your previous iTunes collection.


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