How to download, install and activate the Prisma Photo Editor App

Who does not like to show off their photos or selfies , when they have a spectacular design. Unfortunately not all of us know which applications we can use to achieve our goal, today in Look How It’s Done, we will talk about the Prisma photo editor application , with which you can get to feel portrayed by your favorite painter artist.

What exactly Prisma Photo Editor is about

This application will allow you to transform all the selfies you want into excellent works of art. In fact, this application has an algorithm that allows us to make self-portraits based on works made by the most famous painters in the world, all this within the reach of a click.

This photo editor contains a wide variety of filters that will allow us to change our boring selfies into various world-renowned works of art.

Normally, it works very similar to the Instagram application . It was mainly designed for iOS devices, but currently it is possible to use it on most Android devices as well, and using some tools it can be used normally on our computers, as usual here we will give you the details.

In short, if you are a true lover of selfies and apart from that you are also fascinated by the world of art, you may be delighted with this application in your hands and also play with your imagination, since with it you can take any photo of your memory storage and make it much more interesting than it could be .

This application has an exact imitation of the artistic styles of different works by well-known and prestigious painters , it is really very easy to use and, as said a moment ago, it has a great variety of filters and effects. It is also one of the best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop to edit images.

How can I download this application on my Android?

  1. The first thing you should have is an Android device in your hands which must have a 9.0 operating system
  2. Once you make sure that your device is correct, you must go to the Play Store application that is commonly installed on your cell phone by default and write the name ” Prisma photo editor ” in the search bar , if you do not have Play store, you can also go to your preferred search engine and download the APK of this application through it.
  3. Once you are in the Play store window for this application, you just have to press the green button that says ” download “, then wait a few minutes, depending on the speed of your internet and at the end the installation process will begin. which happens automatically.
  4. Once installed in the same window where you downloaded, ” open ” will appear on the site where the download button was located, just press it.
  5. Once the application is open, just touch to enjoy the entertainment it offers us.

Can I download this application on my computer?

Yes, although there is no application specially designed for use on computers , it is possible to use it through an emulator tool, which gives us an image similar to that of our devices, here we show you the step by step:

  1. The first thing you should do is a visit to the Mac store or the Windows Appstore, this of course depends on your computer, once there you just have to download the Bluestacks  or Nox application .
  2. Once the emulator has been downloaded, you just have to go to the download section on your computer and once located you must run the application and its installation will begin immediately.
  3. You just have to follow the steps that it tells you, accept the license agreement and wait for the installation to finish successfully.

How to use the application in the emulator?

You just have to open the emulator, once it has been installed, within it you must go to the store and search for ” prisma photo editor “. Where you just have to press on download and it will start immediately, taking a few minutes.

After that, it only remains to go to where the installed applications are, click on the application icon, and finally enjoy the benefits it offers us.


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