How to download Google Chrome Portable offline for Windows

Google Chrome has become one of the most used and recognized browsers in the world and thanks to that, many people download Google Chrome Portable offline.

And is that thanks to the large number of functions and extensions offered by Google Chrome, such as creating a custom theme online , many people use it. In addition, having a direct connection with the many services provided by Google, which makes it a fast and convenient tool .

Next we will explain how to download the Google Chrome Portable version for the Windows operating system for free; With this, you can load it offline as many times as you want.

What is Google Chrome Portable offline

Google Chrome Portable is an alternative that makes it easy for you to download and install your Chrome browser without having to go through a download software. They usually come in a compressed file and to use it you will only have to extract said program.

Something very important to remember is that portable programs have some limitations, such as their automatic updating. This must be done manually, that is, you must download the updated version on the computer you use frequently and save it where you usually do.

With this present, it is convenient to be attentive then to the updates that Google Chrome continuously presents. This way you can update the installed Chrome extensions manually , in a few steps.

Also, because the portable versions of Chrome are not official, it is best to download it from secure websites. Once you get your Chrome Portable, you can run it on your own PC and always carry it with you on a USB stick or pendrive.

How to download Google Chrome Portable offline for Windows

Google Chrome portable offline has been designed in a simple and elegant way. So that, when you download this program, you can access your web pages with the best possible speed on any Windows computer you need.

To download the version compatible with Windows you must go to the Google Chrome Portable page . All that remains is to click on the «Latest version» button  and that’s it. You will have a portable application so that you can take your browsing experience with you.

You will notice that Google Chrome Portable is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10, but also with other operating systems so that you can enjoy it on different devices.

It is said that you can use it in offline mode, since you don’t need an internet connection to open it. You will only have to extract the compressed file that you previously downloaded with the program and you will have it available for when you have internet access.

Features of Google Chrome Portable

Google Chrome Portable has the same features as the original Chrome , the one you use on your computer. Let’s go over a few reasons why it has become a favorite of some:

  • Speed, both to start and in the process of loading web pages.
  • Applications run more easily.
  • It has a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Access to organize your tabs as you prefer.
  • You can add themes to your browser.
  • Constant update on security.
  • Private browsing.
  • Add useful and custom plugins and extensions.

Referring to the last point, the extensions that you can buy to customize Chrome are so useful that they have become one of the main reasons why this browser is considered one of the best. Among the most used are:

  • Poper Bloker. Automatically blocks all kinds of pop-ups or popups that appear when surfing the net.
  • OneTab. Save all open tabs in a list, saving memory by 95% and speeding up your browser.
  • Google translator. It translates the selected text that you need to understand and shows you the results in a small tab.
  • Pocket. Save web pages that you want to read at another time without an internet connection.
  • Awesome Screenshot. Capture any part of the browser you need. You can make modifications, such as adding shapes, texts, etc.
  • Google dictionary. It will show you the definition of a word you don’t know. You just have to select it and a small box will appear with the meaning.
  • EmojiONE. It is a drop-down window in which you can see all the emoticons of social networks so that you can use them in your Google Chrome.

And the list is long, but with these ideas you can already see everything that is possible to enjoy with Google Chrome, why not take it with you everywhere? Download Google Chrome Portable for free and use it whenever you want. You can even have Chrome ask where you want to save it before downloading , so that after the download is finished, you know where to go.


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