How to download free games with Prime Gaming

Are you a video game enthusiast and already have an Amazon Prime subscription? Did you know that you can download games for free with Prime Gaming ? Not registered for Amazon Prime? No problem you can still get amazon prime games for free thanks to the 30-day trial period and even once the trial period is over and not renewed, the games will still remain yours.

Just to clarify, Prime Gaming is nothing more than the old Twitch Prime service, the name has changed but not the content…. well download and play 5 pc games for free every month and the ability to receive bonus content for various titles every month for various platforms for free.

So, without further unnecessary preambles, I will immediately explain how to download free amazon prime games.


  • Download free games with Prime Gaming
    • Amazon Games installation
    • Free amazon prime games

Download free games with Prime Gaming

To download free games with Prime Gaming you must first have the Amazon games launcher called Amazon Games installed on your PC . To get it, you will first need to associate your Amazon Prime account with Prime Gaming. Said so it seems very complicated but in reality it is very simple.

Amazon Games installation

For free amazon prime games as I told you you have to use the amazon games application; the procedure to install the application (you will only have to run it once) is as follows:

First of all, if you don’t have it yet, create a free Amazon Prime account for 30 days otherwise you can easily use your Amazon Prime account.

Connect to the  Amazon prime gaming page  and select the item at the top right that says Sign in .

On the next screen simply enter the username and password that you normally use for Amazon and then click on the  Account link Twitch  and from the window that opens, click on the Connect accounts button  .

Now that you have associated the Amazon Prime account with Prime Gaming you are ready to download free games with Prime Gaming but first you need to download the windows application for downloading games; this application is nothing more than a game launcher downloaded from Amazon.

From the Amazon page press on the word Download the Amazon Games Application an AmazonGamesSetup.exe file will be downloaded; double click on the file and wait for the installation to complete. Once installed, enter your Amazon credentials on the home screen and press the Login button  .

Now you are finally ready to download free amazon prime games.

Free amazon prime games

Every month 5 free games for pc are published that you can download and they will be yours forever; in addition to this you will find every month in game content for different titles; so what you need to do is check every month for new free Amazon prime games and download them.

To download free games with Prime Gaming connected to the prime gaming home page and press on the words Games and Loot from the left pane then from the right pane scroll down and look for the Games with Prime section , here you will find all the free Amazon prime games. For each game, the date by which you must redeem the game to have it free forever is shown (the item ” the offer ends on … “); you can simply redeem the game and download it later. Choose the game you want to download for free and then press the relevant button with the word Redeem .

Once you press the Redeem button you will see the game reported as Redeemed and you can download it for free directly from the Prime Gaming application on your PC at any time; you will find the free amazon prime games in the left box under the Ready to Install wording. All you have to do is start the installation and wait for the download to complete.

So, in conclusion, to have free amazon prime games you will first have to associate the Amazon Prime account with Twitch and then download the Amazon Games PC application. From the Prime game site you can choose free games and download them with Amazon Games. You can download games for free with Prime Gaming up to a maximum of 5 titles per month.

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