How to download free games on Nintendo Switch

Today we are going to explain how to download free games on Nintendo Switch . No, we are not referring to acquiring them by methods with which Nintendo can later penalize you, but to how to access the official catalog of free games on the console and download them easily.

Like all consoles, Nintendo Switch has its own catalog of free games. But so you don’t have to search for them one by one in the list of games, there is a way in which you can see all the free games on a single screen , so it will be much easier for you to find the one you want to play and download it.


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Download free games

To find and download free games for Switch, the first thing you have to do is go to the Nintendo eShop , the official games and applications store for the console. You will do it by clicking on its icon, which is the one in which a shopping bag appears, and which you can find in the lower options bar.

Once in the game store, click on the Search button (1) that you have at the top of the left column. You will enter the search screen, where you must click on the Price limit option (2) to be shown different price ranges to search for games, including free games.

Once you are in the section for selecting games by price limit, you will see that there are different categories organized decreasingly according to price. Scroll down to the Free Download category , and press the Show more button to access the catalog of free games available for Switch.

You will go to a screen where you will see all the free content available for Switch, both game demos and full free-to-play games . Here, what you have to do is choose a free game and click on it to start the “purchase” process and add it to your library.

Once you click on a game, you will enter its information screen, in which data such as its description or several screenshots will be shown. Here, click on the Free Download button that will appear where you normally see the price of the game, and you will start the process to acquire it.

You will reach the Final Purchase Confirmation screen . Here, you just have to confirm that you want to get hold of the game, a step inherited from the paid titles that you will also have to find with the free ones. Simply click on the Free Download button that appears at the bottom right, and you will finish “buying” the game.


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And that’s it, you will have done with the game and the download will start automatically without you having to do anything else. Now, you will simply have to press Close to exit the game store or Continue shopping to stay in it. These choices will not influence the download.


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