How to download Color Vibrance plugin for After Effects

If you’re just beginning your journey through the features and properties of After Effects, you’ve surely noticed the software’s incredible ability to create impactful visual effects. There is no doubt that with a little practice and a lot of creativity you get the most attractive animations.

Among the basic aspects that you are interested in configuring in an image, video or graphic, are the variations of light, tone, saturation and other aspects that can completely modify the final appearance of the element. Today we present a plugin that will help you in this process.

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  1. What can you do with the Color Vibrance plugin inside After Effects?
  2. How to download Color Vibrance plugin for this program?
    1. From Video Copilot
  3. How is this plugin installed inside After Effects?
  4. What alternatives do you have to the Color Vibrance plugin in after Effect?
    1. Test Light sabers

What can you do with the Color Vibrance plugin inside After Effects?

In the process of creating compositions, you have surely explored Transitions in After Effects , but another aspect that you should give great importance to in your project is color grading. The tonalities within an audiovisual production have the power to completely change the perception of the clip.

Depending on the intention you have with your production, you will have to make various adjustments to the coloration and transparency of the composition, which can result in a fairly long and tedious procedure. In response, Video Copilot offers a free and easy-to-use alternative that works as a plugin in After.

Color Vibrance came to give us an effective solution to the colorimetry adjustment process, allowing us to control the hue, intensity, lighting, brightness, alpha channels and other combinations within the visual structure of an element, so that in combination with other layers the result is the most suitable appearance.

How to download Color Vibrance plugin for this program?

When you are creating compositions within an audiovisual production that you want to give the most realistic appearance possible, it is important that you make sure to remove the tracking points   and adjust the color values. To take advantage of Color Vibrance, let’s make sure to download it from its official site.

From Video Copilot

Video Copilot is a company whose goal is to produce the most distinctive and innovative tools and plugins in the world of motion graphics and visual effects. On its official website you can access more than 150 video tutorials, which aim to share with the public the creation possibilities within After Effect.

Although initially this page only offered knowledge, it is currently the owner of the most valuable editing software plugins , to the point where it is a standardized tool within the After interface. One of the most basic and effective plugins it provides is the Color Vibrance plugin, which you can access for free as follows:

  • You go to the search engine of your choice.
  • Enter “Color Vibrance Video Copilot”, among the first results options you will have the plugin from the official page.
  • Click on the download link and verify that the version is suitable for your operating system.

How is this plugin installed inside After Effects?

At the point where you have downloaded the file on your computer, you are surely eager to play with the creative possibilities of this tool. But before being able to access them you will need to make sure to add it to the program’s system , this is done as follows:

  • You will have a compressed file in your folder, so you must locate it and right-click on it to select the “Extract here” option.
  • You will see a set of files, although in this case we are interested in the so-called “Vibrance” of the Adobe After Effects type, you must copy it.
  • Now you go to Local Disk and look for Program Files> Adobe> Adobe After Effects> Support Files> Pugl-ins folder.
  • In that folder, paste the file. You must logically, in advance download After Effects from its page  and run the program.
  • To find the plugin options you must have your element in the workspace, go to the “Effect” menu, choose the Video Copilot> VC Color Vibrance option.
  • The effect control panel will be activated in the left section of the screen.

What alternatives do you have to the Color Vibrance plugin in after Effect?

As we know, with the After tools you can create animated texts for weddings  to professional audiovisual productions, in any case it is necessary to apply a color correction to ensure a more optimal visual of your project. Although Color Vibrance is a tool that helps a lot in simplifying this process, it is not the only way that you can apply to achieve it.

You can always take the traditional route, which is to go manually tweaking the effects menu options, from reflection, blur, depth, saturation and so on, taking great care to keep the aesthetic balanced in your clip. Although there are people who prefer more control over each of the editions, if you do not have such a sharp eye yet, this can be very complicated.

Test Light sabers

If you definitely prefer the fast track to amazing results in your color effects, an alternative to tweaking certain points in your composition is Saber. This plugin is also brought to us by Video Copilot , therefore its download and installation happens just like Color Vibrance.

Although the object of this plugin is different, it works wonderfully in composition of realistic lights such as lightning, laser lights, portals, electrical discharges, neon mist and others. As you will see, it is specially designed to create special effects that catch the eye, dare to try it and discover its virtues.


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