How to download Call of Duty Warzone PS4

How to download Call of Duty Warzone PS4.If you want to know how to download one of the most played video games in history, I invite you to read this article where I explain it to you in detail.

Before everything/How to download Call of Duty Warzone PS4

Before going into the details of how to download Call of Duty Warzone on PS4, I think you will be interested in knowing more about this title.

Following the success of Battle Royale titles such as Fortnite and Apex Legends, Activision has decided to launch a completely free game set in the Call of Duty universe.

In short, the dream of many gamers has come true: you can play Call of Duty online, fighting many other people, without the need for a PlayStation Plus subscription.

In fact, Call of Duty Warzone’s Battle Royale games involve “living together” within the 150-player map. Weapons are found on the ground or inside boxes scattered around the map and the ultimate goal is to be the last survivor, as in classic Battle Royale lore.

Call of Duty Warzone is essentially a free online mode of Call of Duty Modern Warfare, a title released for PS4 at the end of 2019. In fact, by downloading Warzone, the user will already have all of Modern War available, but to unlock it obviously they will have to buy it from the PlayStation Store.

In any case, at some events Activision has allowed Warzone users to play certain online modes of Modern Warfare for free. Also, don’t worry, you won’t have to pay a penny to achieve your goal.

How to download Call of Duty Warzone on PS4

After explaining what it is about, I would say that you are ready to jump into action and download Call of Duty Warzone to your console. Below you will find all the information you need, starting with the Internet connection of the PlayStation 4.

Connecting PS4 to the Internet

The first requirement to install Call of Duty Warzone on the PS4 is to connect the console to the Internet, choosing whether to do it through an Ethernet cable or through a Wi-Fi network.

If you’re going to use an Ethernet cable, all you have to do is connect the PS4 to the router and, at most, run a connection check. If you have a Wi-Fi network, you can do this by going to the top toolbar of the main console screen and pressing the X button on the settings icon (the toolbox).

Next, go to Network> Set up your Internet connection> Use Wi-Fi> Typical, choose your Wi-Fi network and enter the appropriate passkey.

The console will then perform a connection check, indicating any network problems or speed statistics.

Access to the PSN

After connecting the console to the Internet, it is necessary to log into the PSN (PlayStation Network) to access the “wonders” of the PlayStation Store, the digital store from which Call of Duty Warzone can be downloaded.

If you’ve already played online from your PS4, you already have a PSN account. Anyway, don’t worry, it’s all very simple, even if you need to create a new one. In fact, just go to Settings> PlayStation Network> Account Management and select the option Log in to PlayStation Network first and then the option New PlayStation Network user? Create an account.

Once you have done this, the system will tell you how to proceed with the on-screen instructions. The procedure is very simple, but if you have any problems you can consult my guide on how to access the PlayStation Network.

How to install Call of Duty Warzone PS4

At this point, after connecting the console to the internet and logging into the PlayStation Network, downloading and installing Call of Duty Warzone on PS4 is a piece of cake.

In fact, all you have to do is press the X button on the controller on the PlayStation Store icon (the shopping bag) in the main menu of the PS4.

Then press the search item at the top of the screen, type “COD Warzone” and select the Call of Duty Warzone panel. Now you just have to press the download button and the system will start downloading the game. The installation will be done automatically, so you won’t have to do anything else.

You will receive an email thanking you for making a “purchase” from the PlayStation Store. Don’t worry, it’s just a general term used in the message, you won’t be charged. The game is free.Once you’ve finished installing the game, you’ll find the game panel on the PlayStation 4 home page. Just press the X button on the panel above it to launch Call of Duty Warzone.

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