How to download and update ‘Teamfight Tactics’ on my PC or mobile?

Playing Teamfight Tactics is supporting the new video game from the Riot Games company and so far it has been a great achievement. In addition, the game is  available for computers and mobile devices. Now, if you want to start enjoying this new release, here we will help you to download it.

However, if what you want is to update it due to an error that occurs, we will also teach you how to do it. Also, it is necessary to remember that on certain occasions Teamfight Tactics League Of Legends presents the error that it has stopped.

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  1. How is the desktop version of ‘Teamfight Tactics’ different from its mobile version?
  2. Procedure to install ‘Teamfight Tactics’ on my cell phone
    1. How to have ‘Teamfight Tactics’ on iOS?
    2. How to download ‘Teamfight Tactics’ on Android?
  3. What do I have to do to install ‘Teamfight Tactics’ on my PC?
  4. Steps to follow to create an account in ‘Teamfight Tactics’

How is the desktop version of ‘Teamfight Tactics’ different from its mobile version?

TFT is one of the games that Riot Games has recently created and has achieved success that has led to its being designed in a mobile version. Likewise, it was introduced in the LOL client as a game mode that was very fun for its users. At first it came out in a PC version, but it is currently available in the application stores of smartphones.

Now, for being the first video game that the company that developed League of Legends, put all of itself so that users have the same options as on a computer.

One of the outstanding characteristics that it has is that it preserves the possibility of playing from the mobile in a crossed way. In other words, you can start a game with users who are using it on a PC and thus face each other. 

In addition, the game interface is very similar to that used on a computer, however, what is different on a cell phone is that it will have to be handled with your fingers. Since, you do not have the possibility to play with a keyboard and a mouse , but the rest is the same as using it on the computer. Similar in strategy to the   League of Legends game.

Procedure to install ‘Teamfight Tactics’ on my cell phone

This video game is the first that Riot Games launches in a mobile version, so now you have the possibility of playing TFT on smartphones. Therefore, it can be enjoyed on devices with Android and iOS operating systems. Likewise, if you want to learn how to install it on your phone, keep reading this article.

How to have ‘Teamfight Tactics’ on iOS?

  1. Go to the App Store app store.
  2. In the search bar type the name of the video game.
  3. Once it loads and the results are displayed, log in to the Teamfight Tactics app.
  4. Then tap on download.
  5. Finally, when the app is already installed, you can start using it.

How to download ‘Teamfight Tactics’ on Android?

  1. Access the store from the official Teamfight Tactics page.
  2. Tap on the search bar and type the name of the game.
  3. After the results come out, enter the Teamfight Tactics app. 
  4. Finally, click on Install and after the download is complete, start playing the video game on your mobile.

What do I have to do to install ‘Teamfight Tactics’ on my PC?

To be able to enjoy TFT on a computer, you will have to download it in its PC version and thus play said video game without any problem. Now, to install this Software you must enter the official Riot Games page through the League of Legends client. Once you are on the platform, you have to search for Teamfight Tactics and access it, then a new window will load.

There, the option to play for free will appear and which you must select, then follow the other instructions that the page asks for. Once you have generated the account, you can download the game on PC.

Steps to follow to create an account in ‘Teamfight Tactics’

The first thing you have to do is enter the official page of the video game and in this case it would be in League of Legends where you can create your account. Then we click on the Play for free option that appears in the main window and then it will take you to another. There you will be asked for an email and you have to enter a personal one that is active, once placed press ‘Start’.

Then, it will ask you for the date of birth and which you will have to enter to be able to play, apart from that you can choose the region you want. Once you have completed what is required, tap on ‘Next’ and it will load you to a window where you must create your username and password.

After you have filled out the sections, you have to select the option to accept the terms of the platform and if you want to receive emails. Finally, press next and it will load so you can download Teamfight Tactics on your PC.


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