How to download and install WordPress on your website from cPanel?

For many in the world the use of web pages has been left behind, however there are those who still bet on them to narrate anecdotes, explain tutorials, share opinions or position their business. They have helped a lot to stay in the middle by sharing their work through social networks , also perfecting their website and evolving according to the time they use tools such as cPanel and WordPress for support .

Each one has an independent function , cPanel hosting works as a storage site in the network to protect your data and leave it within the reach of your users. It is compatible with multiple platforms, among which is WordPress. The latter is the favorite of many to start a content management system, so how to install it on your website is one of the recurring questions asked and we will teach you how.

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  1. What do you need to use WordPress on your website?
  2. What are the things you should take care of before installing your WordPress?
    1. Install the HTTPS security protocol
    2. Create a folder in your root domain
  3. What is the correct way to Install WordPress from your cPanel?
  4. What to do if your domain provider does not allow you to install WordPress?

What do you need to use WordPress on your website?

To install the well-known extension and use its various tools in order to position or edit your website in a direct way, there are certain characteristics that must be met in order to use WordPress, including the following :

  • The web server from which you open your page, must be compatible with WordPress, there should be no major conflict with this because almost all of them have this quality.
  • Having created or registered a domain, that is, your personalized identification to be found by your followers, the domains that you can acquire are in two categories: those that you acquired prior to purchase that usually have a greater margin of action or those that are granted by the pages for free, some are usually modified with access to WordPress.
  • Before installing as a website creator, you must already have your reliable hosting, which will function as storage and control of the site, in addition to making sure it has its own PHP support and MySQL data. It is preferable that you invest in a paid platform as it generates security and efficiency avoiding problems in the future management of your website.
  • It allows access to FTP, using the file management section, this in order to transfer files between hosts.

What are the things you should take care of before installing your WordPress?

Understanding that you will generate a link to your website, so that this page can access you not only must meet the requirements that we have previously named, you must make sure that you have given the corresponding access permissions to make the link. Respectively , you should make sure to do the following :

Install the HTTPS security protocol

Establishing the connection between your server and the computer is precisely the job of an HTTP, however those who manage a website prefer to add security, which is automatically converting it into an HTTPS, it has a great function . So to generate it you must use a generator, which ensures three things :

  • Full encryption.
  • Maintain your integrity, that is, your original data is not modified for any reason.
  • A true authentication, that is to say that the pages are protected from any attack by intermediaries that redirect the page to another.

Create a folder in your root domain

This point is very easy to do again, surely you know that each domain has a different folder, in it you will make sure to protect your information, if by chance you have sub folders, even these fall within the root domain. In the particular case of cPanel, you should know that it allows you to have a varied number of folders in the root domain, storing the files you plan to upload.

What is the correct way to Install WordPress from your cPanel?

To successfully install WordPress using the cPanel administrator, you must first verify that you have complied with the above instructions and then follow a series of steps :

  • With the password and username, enter the official cPanel page.
  • On the new screen you will be able to see a number of functions.
  • Swipe down and into the software section.
  • Select on Quick Install.
  • On the new screen, you have a range of applications to install, click on the WordPress one.
  • The specifications of that page will open and in the first box is the install button.
  • When you do, you must fill in what is related to the domain, email, title, administrator’s name, names and surnames.
  • The following may result in a window offering you other types of products, just click on the cross.
  • When the installation process is finished, take advantage of clicking on the credentials.
  • And it protects the data that appears there.
  • In the section that the Admi indicates, press and a tab will open for you.
  • It is a direct link to WordPress, enter your password and designated user.
  • Enter the address again and it will open a kind of interface to then enter the administrator button and start creating your content.

What to do if your domain provider does not allow you to install WordPress?

These cases are rare, since most offer you a simple connection to the page, this is the advantage of its recognition, since many users use it and the providers have made an effort to maintain it. If for some reason it does not allow you to install, the recommendation is that you contact support directly to solve the problem or use another compatible tool.

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