How to download and install the latest version of Classic Geogebra on Ubuntu?

For anyone interested in the world of mathematics, Geogebra is one of those applications that you should know. Read the following guide through which we will teach the procedure with which you will learn How to download and install the latest version of Geogebra Classic in Ubuntu?

What is Geogebra?

Geogebra is an application designed for the transmission of mathematical knowledge, that is, for education at both college and university levels. The application is widely used in schools focused on mathematics, becoming a classic of software of this type.

The App began its development in 2001 at the hands of Markus Hohenwarter. Since that time, the program has been gaining popularity among educators around the world to become for many users the best program to solve math and physics problems .

The advantages of this popular program lie mainly in its status as free software and its great ease of use. If you are a math teacher or tutor, then Geogebra is a program that you should consider to facilitate the teaching of this science.

Geogebra has several versions. In any case, it is best to use Classic Geogebra , which presents all the necessary tools for educators in the area of ​​mathematics. Read the guide below to learn how to download this exceptional free software.

How to download and install the latest version of Classic Geogebra on Ubuntu?

Geogebra is an exceptional tool for teaching mathematics, without a doubt we recommend you try it whether you are an educator in this area or if you are educating yourself in it. The process of obtaining the software is quite simple, to download Classic Geogebra within Ubuntu read the following guide:

  1. The first thing you should do is download the latest version of Classic Geogebra on Ubuntu . To do so, you need to visit the Geogebra website .
  2. Once you are inside the page, you should go to the “download applications” section by pressing on the three horizontal lines located above and to the left.
  3. There you can find the new and old versions of the Geogebra software.
  4. On this occasion we are interested in downloading the latest version of Classic Geogebra, we recommend you download the Classic Geogebra 6 application.
  5. After this, the page will detect what operating system you have (in this case it is Ubuntu) and then download the appropriate version for your computer. It should be noted that this process is equally functional with any operating system, since the application has great compatibility with different platforms.

Use the Geogebra application through the browser

With the passage of time, the way we browse the Internet has evolved, in fact, browsers are capable of running applications stored on the Internet. Thanks to this, Geogebra also provides a tool that you can access through any modern browser.

Using the online version of Geogebra, you will be able to access the multiple functions that this powerful mathematical tool provides us. Plus, you get rid of software installation, which is especially helpful if you’re using the program on a friend’s or someone else’s computer.

The operation of Geogebra online is very similar to that of the program, which is why it is an excellent solution to quickly access the functions that the application provides. You can use this useful website by accessing through the  geogebra website .

Regardless of whether you use the online version or the program, Geogebra is positioned as an exceptional tool for educators of mathematical sciences. For this reason, we invite you to try this software, remember that it is completely free. In addition, it is convenient that you learn how the Google Jamboard works , a virtual whiteboard that can be extremely useful for you both in the academic field and in the business field.


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