How to Download and Install Steam on Elementary OS

Elementary OS has a “Software Center” for downloading applications, but some programs such as “Steam” cannot be installed efficiently from this route. For this reason, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to download and install Steam in Elementary OS easily

What is Steam?

Steam is a video game platform created by Valve in 2003. Steam allows users to download games through a virtual software library. Consequently, a .gcf file is saved on the PC.

It is important to mention that users can update their games automatically thanks to the activity of the Valve company’s team of developers or they can also choose to carry out the process manually with third-party software. In addition, Valve offers a feature called “Steam Guard” to protect user accounts from potential theft.

What is Elementary OS?

Surely, you have ever wondered what are all the versions of the Linux system? ; indeed, Elementary OS is part of this long list that Linux offers. This platform has its own shell and an environment based on GNOME.

Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu , therefore, it has compatibility with all its repositories. The system has an interface and functions similar to those offered by Mac OS X and consumes very few resources. Therefore, if you have not already done so, you can purchase this version from the Elementary OS website .

How to Download and Install Steam on Elementary OS Easily

If you want to easily download and install Steam on Elementary OS, you can use the system’s graphical interface . Reason why, you will need to access a graphical package manager. In order to carry out this task, we recommend that you follow all the steps that we explain below.

Install the graphical package manager

Initially, you must access a graphical package manager like “Synaptic”. To do this, go to the “Software Center” and locate “Synaptic.” Once you have found the tool in the list of packages, hit the install button.

Download Steam on Elementary OS

At the time of completing the installation of Synaptics on your computer, look for the Steam icon in the Elementary OS menu and click on it.

Later, locate “Steam” from the search box. You will find the option “Steam i386”. Select the box that corresponds to that option and choose “Mark for installation” from the menu. Then, press the “Apply” button.

Install Steam on Elementary OS

Once the Steam download is complete, the installation of this software will begin. In the middle of the process, you will see a window referring to the “License Agreement”. Click on the “OK” option that appears in the drop-down list and continue the installation.

When the installation process is finished in Elementary OS, click on the system menu, find the software “Steam” and click on the icon of this tool. You will see a new window that will allow you to update Steam to its latest version .

Use the Elementary OS terminal

Also, it is possible to download and install Steam on Elementary OS via terminal . To access the terminal press the keys “Ctrl + Alt + T”. Immediately, a new box will open where you can insert a series of commands. If you don’t have a high-speed internet connection, you can choose to improve your Steam download speed by enabling background downloads from Windows.

Locate the application from the repositories

Type the following syntax: sudo apt-cache search steam and press the “Enter” key. The “sudo” command tells the system that the privileges will be elevated to the administrator account and “apt-cache” allows activities to be carried out in the repositories. If the Steam app appears, then proceed to the next step.

Install Steam from the Elementary OS terminal

To install Steam from the terminal type the syntax: sudo apt-get install steam and press the “Enter” key. The system will request your approval to start downloading the software on your computer.

When the installation of Steam on Elementary OS is finished, locate the software icon in the system menu and click on it. Immediately activate the update to the latest version of Steam. Therefore, you will have the software ready to access it and create an account. Later, you can connect your Steam account to Facebook if you want to get more friends and share through this famous social network.


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