How to download and install Monster Strike for PC and mobile for free

If you are looking for an interactive game, where you have to overcome levels and use strategies that give you greater skill, Monster Strike is what you are looking for. That is why today we will show you how to download and install Monster Strike on your PC and your mobile .

How to Download and Install Monster Strike for PC and Mobile Free

This game is more about physics, strategy with role-playing traits and has the ability to affiliate with multiple players. In addition, it has the ability to adapt to any type of platform , whether you want to download it on PC, iOS or Android.

This video game has a feature similar to that of Pokémon Café Mix, which you can now download,  since its objective is to get monsters and have power duels. These types of battles give monsters the ability to increase their abilities and acquire greater fighting capacity.

The scenery is clearly inclined to an anime environment, where monsters and characters have attractive characteristics , both for young people and adults.

Knowing the tributes of this video game, perhaps you are encouraged to download it and enjoy its various qualities, so we explain how to do it.

How to download Monster Strike for PC and mobile for free step by step

This procedure is very simple and quick to perform , so be very attentive to the steps, so that you can correctly install the game.

  • Enter the official Monster Strike page.
  • Select the option to Download .
  • Then a window will appear where it says Latest version, which you must select.
  • After that, the app will start to download and you will have to wait a few minutes.

Monster Strike features after being installed

After the download of the video game has finished, which as you could see is very simple, you can customize it and start playing. The main objective of the game is that you choose four of your favorite monsters and fight in the field with other opponents . If this is your type of game, you may also want to look for games similar to Clash Royale to build impressive battles.

Monster Strike has a perfect balance, between pinball, role playing and anime, allowing players to enjoy every stage of the game.

Like Pokémon GO, you can create an account for free ; and in addition, monsters have the ability to evolve and increase their fighting power, in order to defeat their opponents. One of the advantages of this video game is that it has a box for in-app purchases, where you can buy tools for your monsters.

After installation How to start fighting?

Ready, I have already installed Monster Strike on the computer, you already know everything you need from the game, and I already customize it. Now, the most interesting thing comes, how to start fighting against other participants of the game?

Well, very easy, you just have to throw the monster you chose , as you would in a Pinball to the battlefield. Then your monster will be catapulted, this will help you to have more power and rebounding ranges, which will allow you to beat your opponent.

To win and that your monsters do not lose their energy, it is excellent to use them alternately, this will be a good strategy to win.

At the beginning of the fight, you will start throwing and then it will be your opponent and so on until one of the two wins. As you have seen in this tutorial, the game is simple and very easy to download and install, and it also has an online store.

Play with friends as a team by downloading Monster Strike

Yes, as you read, when you download Monster Strike, you can play with up to three friends simultaneously from your electronic equipment, either PC or mobile, just as you can also play with two or more friends in Minecraft . By syncing up with your friends in a match, they can join you in the game and manipulate your monsters into battle.

As you could see in this guide, downloading and installing Monster Strike on your PC or mobile is more than easy. Wait no more, enter the official Monster Strike site, install the game on your computer, start playing and invite your friends.


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