How to download and install LINE on PC

The tremendous growth that application development has had in recent years has been truly incredible. And it is that thanks to this, there are more and more different options when users want to choose an application with a specific purpose.

As is the case with applications that allow instant messaging , which in themselves are better than the service offered by telephone lines. And that very soon it will be able to completely replace the aforementioned. All this thanks to platforms like WhatsApp and Line .

What is Line?

Line is a platform very similar to WhatsApp , but which at the same time represented a real competition by encompassing a better system for sending the message. Making the platform develop not only a system as efficient as WhatsApp.

If not, at the time it also allowed the appearance of calls between users. A fact that at the time was something really new for most of those who had smart phones.

What is Line for?

Line, like most web applications with a messaging function, is used to transmit information between users who have it. Objective that can be distributed in different functions.

For example, communicating with relatives or acquaintances who are in distant countries or regions, letting us know the location of a person. Express what we think in relation to a specific topic, and among many other things. Basically, the possibilities are endless.

Differences between Line and WhatsApp?

At the time, when the social network first came out, it was considered a true explosion by all Android users. This is due to the large number of things that the platform had and that WhatsApp did not, although this was not all bad for WhatsApp, since its developers copied some ideas.

Among which is the call function and even the appearance of the video call was implemented , which was enormously advantageous for it. Among the other differences of both platforms is the appearance of stickers and even an external App that allowed users to enjoy some games.

Which is why the competition between the two was very favorable for Line. But the problem was that it was not profitable enough and little by little it was forgotten. Some causes of its low profitability is that the application frequently crashed and this caused serious inconvenience to its users.

How to download and install Line on my PC for free? Fast and easy


To download Line in an easy and simple way there are two methods. The first is to download the application that appears on the official page , and the second is to download the official extension for the Chrome browser , in both cases we must go to the Line page « « .

Subsequently, we select the download option and then we look at the PC / Mac section . If we choose the program for the computer, we must select the “Windows Store” option , which will take us to the Microsoft page and from there we can download the executable file.

Which we will open and click on next until we see the “Installation successful” message , now for the browser extension it is easier. Since we only have to choose the Chrome option that we saw previously in downloads.

Which will send us to the extensions section that the Chrome browser has and where the line extension will appear, so we just have to click to add extension and that’s it.

Either of the two cases helps us to be able to use the application on our computer, and thus be able to enjoy it with our friends or family. Regardless of whether they use it through smart phones or in the same way to us, on a computer.

Finally, we hope that this article has been helpful. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Have you been able to download Line to your PC by following these steps? What other platforms similar to Line do you know about? Leave us your answers in the comments.


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