How to download and install iPhone camera on Android?

IPhone devices are one of the most expensive mobile phones on the market due to the fame they have achieved and the features they offer. One of them, and one of the most desired, is the power of the cameras. But if your budget is tight, don’t worry, discover how you can download and install the iPhone camera on Android so you can have those amazing photos you want .

You can also complement the effect of your photos using filter camera applications.

Discover how you can download and install the iPhone camera on Android

Downloading and installing the iPhone camera on Android can be done in different versions of it, and it is as simple as going to the Play Store and selecting an application. Read on so you know which one is the best of all so that you can install the iPhone 6 and iPhone X camera on your device.

It may be that when you search for these applications in the Play Store they will not appear , but do not worry that this is an error that happens to many and that can be solved.

IPhone 6 camera for your Android

The ideal application to achieve your photos at the height of the quality offered by the iPhone camera is called Geak Camera and it perfectly simulates the interface of the cameras of the iPhones 6 and 6S as well as being completely free.

Geak Camera Features

  • Filters in real time, with this option we can apply nine incredible filters to our photos while they are being taken to give them a much better appearance.
  • It is fast taking photos and the application as such will not take up a large amount of space in your memory, since it weighs less than 1MB.
  • You can take three different shots, photos, videos and the characteristic photo in portrait or square format . Also, you can record and take photos at the same time. Once a photo is taken, it can be instantly shared on any social network or posted as a profile photo.

You will see that with this application you can achieve great results and since it is almost the same as having an iPhone, it will not fail you when using any of its functions.

IPhone X camera for your Android

The iPhone X in general, is one of the last released by the company: This makes it still one of the most updated despite the models that came after it and one of the most expensive still on the market. In 2019 the capacity of its camera gave a lot to talk about, even videos and famous photos have been taken with this device.

iCamera for iPhone X

Although, it is impossible to match this camera in terms of hardware, with the installation of this application, it will improve your camera software a lot so that you can achieve great photos. It’s also free and simulates the iPhone X’s camera functions very well.

You can download and install the iPhone camera on Android with this application and you will have the following features at hand:

  • Flash functions exact to the original camera and front and rear camera options, plus extra settings like the timer.
  • You can modify the height of how you will take photos and while recording capture moments simultaneously .
  • The interface is basically the same as the iPhone X camera and you can find the functions in the same place if you want to compare.
  • You can take panoramic or slow motion photos and share them with your contacts. You have the same classic access to the gallery as if it were an iPhone. You will not feel any difference .

Camera for iPhone X

It is another application similar to the previous one, which, although it does not perfectly copy the photos taken by the original devices, it simulates them very well.

If you have an Android, in the same way it will take much better photos than this and you can get it for free in the Google Play Store. With these three apps, you are more than ready to download and install iPhone camera on Android easily and simply.

The camera on iPhones is one of the best you can find on mobile phones, but the camera on Android phones is not far behind. With the correct tips and tricks, you can take professional photos from your Android phone’s camera.


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