How to Download and Install Applications on a Chinese Smartwatch

Smartwatchs are watches full of technology that are here to stay; These simplify our lives, since it can function as a small phone on your wrist. However, you may be new to using this kind of technology. Don’t worry, then we will help you download and install applications from a  Chinese smartwatch easily, keep reading with us to know more.

How can I activate my browser on a Chinese smartwatch fast and easy?

To begin, something that you must take into account is that these SmartWatch grills are generic, normally they all have the same characteristics regardless of the brand. You can not only see the time, but also use it as a supplement to your phone .

Surely you want to know how to have internet on your SmartWatch. First, you must have a watch that contains a SIM input and a Micro SD card. When you insert your SIM card and turn on the coverage line will appear on your mirrored device.

What am I supposed to do now? Just configure it for navigation and use proper keyboards How do I do that? Depending on your browser, you should look for the APN of your line . Then you must search for the application in settings, and enter connectivity and data account, then enter the data already searched for your line.

When you exit, give it a save and that way you will have it ready, then go to the browser in its settings, modify the home page to the one you like or preference, in this way you can enjoy your home page easily and quickly.

How to download and install applications on a Chinese smartwatch?

You will have several ways to install the applications on your  Chinese SmartWatch, today we will teach you the two corresponding methods that will facilitate the experience.

Traditional method

It is very easy, as a first step you must enter the clock settings then go to BT settings, it should always be on and visible. Then, on the cell phone, proceed to select the bluetooth and activate it, look for the device and link them.

Next, look for the QR code of the watch, and through a scanning app, scan said code, as the next step you will have to go to the page that selects said code. Then, it will ask you to enter a search engine select Play store and head there.

Once this is done, you will have to find the app that the watch needs. How? It will appear when you scan the code, once downloaded, open it and go to its menu, click to connect, the clock link will appear.

You will be able to see an icon that says ” allow to connect “, proceed to accept or allow and thus access all the applications on your phone. Enter notifications to give the system permissions, look for those of your preference that are compatible and thus enjoy the experience much more.

From Apple watch to download and install applications on a SmartWatch

First you must have the application on your linked phone called “Apple watch” so that you can download the applications to your Chinese SmartWatch. When you enter this application, you must go to the “Apple store” section, where all the apps compatible with your SmartWacht will appear . When you download one, it will run automatically on your watch and you will be able to enjoy it in a few minutes.

Best of all, you can enjoy applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp or Facebook on the same device. You already have all the necessary information to start using your SmartWatch in a short time and enjoy the maximum technology on the wrist of your hand. Do not forget to comment on this post so you can tell us how it went, and not only that, share with others so that they also find out. We wish you success in this ultimate experience.


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