How to download a PDF in Google Chrome instead of opening it

PDF files are a great resource, when we navigate with Google Chrome sometimes the search results in the browser are PDF files and when clicking on them the PDF file reader that Chrome has by default opens directly, today we will see how we can download that file without opening it.

The PDF reader that Google Chrome has is really useful, but when our only purpose is to download a file, we always have to open it directly, but today we will show you how you can download it without having to open it previously.

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Modify Chrome settings to download PDF

The main way we have in Chrome to download PDFs without having to open them will be by modifying the browser settings, to do this, follow these steps that you will see below:

  • Access the Chrome settings by clicking on the dots located in the upper left part of the browser.
  • Click on “Settings” .
  • Now we will click on “Privacy and security” .
  • Look for the “Site Settings” option .
  • In this new window you will see a drop-down option that says “Additional content settings” .
  • Select the option “PDF Documents” .
  • Activate the only option there is, and so you can download the PDFs without having to open them.

Download a PDF from Chrome’s PDF reader

There are other options with which we can download the PDF files from a search in Google Chrome, as there are times that we are not interested since we need to read the content to know what we are going to download.

If you still open the PDF files, you can download them from your own reader, you just have to press the arrow icon.

Save link as PDF

Another way we have to be able to download a PDF file without having to open it and it is surely the fastest and most efficient way if we do not want to modify the Google Chrome settings or do not want to open them.

In order to download a PDF file without having to open it, you will first have to make sure that the link is a PDF file, for this the link will have to have this icon at the end of the line.

Now with just click the right button on the link and selecting the option “Save link as …” we will have downloaded the PDF file on our computer without having to open it.

These are the ways we have available to download a PDF file without opening it in Google Chrome because many times we do not need to see what it is and we want to download it or we simply work with many documents of this type and we want them to be downloaded when we interact with them .


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