How to do the GTA Online tutorial

After finishing the GTA 5 single player campaign , you have decided to try your hand at GTA Online , the online mode included in the famous Rockstar title. However, you have not quite understood how to approach his tutorial and you would need some guidance on this.

That’s the way it is, right? So don’t worry: you’ve come to the right place at the right time! In this guide, in fact, I will explain how to do the GTA Online tutorial explaining how to start it and also what happens during these preliminary missions, thus showing you how to complete them. Furthermore, I will have the opportunity to clarify the question concerning the possibility of repeating the initial sequences.

What do you say? Are you going to know everything there is to know about the GTA Online tutorial? In my opinion you can’t wait, so come on: below you will find all the relevant information. That said, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to do the GTA 5 Online tutorial
  • How to progress in GTA Online
  • How to redo the GTA Online tutorial

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the procedure on how to do the GTA Online tutorial , I think it may interest you to know more about this possibility.

I immediately dispel the first myth: unfortunately it is not possible to repeat the GTA Online tutorial in a conventional way if you have chosen to skip it the first time. However, in the course of the guide I will also tell you about an alternative solution found by the players to experience the preliminary missions in hand even if you skipped the tutorial the first time.

It seems there are some players who have been asked to complete the tutorial to invite their friends, despite these users having decided to skip it when first starting the game, but in this case it is a bug : many claim to have solved it simply by restarting the game or by switching sessions , as it is not possible to repeat the tutorial in the same game.

Other users, on the other hand, claim to have solved it by going to the Industrial Plant area and carrying out the Survival mission (you can find it via the map, using the Survival filter).

For the rest, if you have skipped the tutorial and you simply want to know what it consists of or you have decided to do it but you do not understand how to complete it , I suggest you continue reading this guide, since you can find all the relevant information.

How to do the GTA 5 Online tutorial

After explaining the general situation a bit, I’d say it’s time to take action and show you how to complete the GTA Online tutorial .

Upon entering GTA 5’s online mode for the first time (I remind you that it is unlocked in the Settings menu or in the main menu as soon as Franklin’s part in Story mode begins ), you will be greeted with a welcome message warning you about the possibility that your account is suspended in case of using cheats. In short, Rockstar Games sets the record straight right away.

After confirming that you have gotten the message and gone through the initial loading (it can take a long time, as those who often play GTA Online know), you will find yourself in front of the character creation editor .

More precisely, you will have to choose Gender , Origin , Facial traits , Appearance and Clothing . Also, you can take a look at the stats . In this case I have no particular suggestions: create the character as you want, give it a name and confirm that you want to finish the procedure.

At this point, there is a very important step. In fact, a message will appear on the screen that has “misled” many players. In particular, the game asks if you want to skip the tutorial : here you have to press No (for example, the Esc button on your PC keyboard) to access the preliminary missions. Many users have been careless and skipped the tutorial, only to discover that it cannot be redone in a conventional way.

This will start the GTA Online tutorial . At the opening you will see a movie that will present you a bit of the map: read everything that appears at the top left of the screen , since the Rockstar Games title explains in a few words and quickly all the possibilities offered by the online mode.

Once the “introductory tour” is over and the GTA Online logo appears on the screen, you will see your character arrive by air at the airport , where Lamar will be waiting for him : a character that will already be known to you if you have played the Story mode of GTA V .

In any case, Lamar will introduce you to the city in his own way, giving you “life lessons” as only he knows how to do. In the meantime, the initial titles will appear on the screen , composed of the names of the creators of the game.

After this short sequence, which will also show you the city, Lamar will park his car and make a call. Immediately thereafter, the game will grant you an achievement for completing the GTA Online introduction. Don’t pay too much attention to it: the tutorial isn’t actually finished yet.

In fact, at this point your character will get into a car and you will be prompted to participate in a race in which Lamar will also be there. Choose, therefore, the vehicle with which you want to compete (for example Vapid Stanier ) and confirm your willingness to participate.

Then the mission called Los Santos from postcard will start , which consists of a race with Lamar and any other players. To complete the race, just drive the car inside the yellow circles positioned on the map, marked on the map at the bottom left.

Once the ride is complete (no matter if you won it or not), you will be provided with experience and money . Additionally, you will rise to rank 2 . After that, a cutscene will play in which Lamar introduces you to his friend Gerald , who is “looking for someone who is not conspicuous”.

Next, you will need to enter a “merchandise exchange” . You will then be prompted to reach the meeting place , which is marked in yellow on the map. Once you get there, you will find that the goal is to recover a certain type of cargo .

Therefore, eliminate the person who keeps it and collect the loot from the ground simply by passing over it. You will be required to bring the swag to Gerald’s house , in order to demonstrate your potential.

Reach, therefore, the place, always indicated in yellow on the map, and walk over the appropriate circle . A cutscene will start involving both Lamar and Gerald, after which your character will reach rank 3 .

At this point, you’ve come to the moment that typically confuses users a bit. In fact, the game will leave you free to wander around the map , also offering you the possibility to carry out secondary activities. My advice is to forget about the latter for now and focus on the tutorial .

To do this, take a car and explore the map at your leisure until the message that warns you that the shops are available appears on the screen at the top left . In case this message does not appear, I suggest you try to go near Mirror Park , which is where you see the green letter L on the map.

This will activate the ability to enter a clothing store , which will be marked in yellow on the map. Go to the building involved, go inside and talk to the saleswoman .

Next, choose any outfit and leave the shop . So wait for a call from Lamar and listen to what he has to say. Then, open the phone (eg up arrow on PC), press the Activity List icon and accept Lamar ‘s invitation .

shop will be marked on the map : go to the place, enter, take out the gun (eg mouse wheel on PC) and point it at the cashier . The game will make you notice that, to reach your goal faster, you can either speak into the microphone or shoot alongside the trader.

Once you have the money, go out of the shop and run away from the police . This mission is designed to familiarize you with the wanted star system . Once the law enforcement is out of the way, you will have finished the task requested by Lamar.

However, the GTA Online tutorial isn’t finished yet. In fact, before you unlock possibilities like inviting your friends, you need to do other tasks. So grab the car and wander around the map until you get a call from Simeon .

The latter will require you to go to Los Santos Customs , which is a workshop where cars are modified. You can find it using the spray can icon on the map. Once you reach the place, just go near the main shutter and you will see that it will open and let you in with the car .

After entering Los Santos Customs, you will be prompted to press the Repair Vehicle button . Then, go to the Paintings section , choose one and apply it . Finally, you will need to enter the Loss / Theft Prevention section and unlock a reporter and insurance for free . Perfect, now you can get out of Los Santos Customs.

At this point, it is time to carry out the last mission of the tutorial, which is to participate in your first online game with other players. So go around the map in your newly repainted car and wait for a message from Gerald to appear on the screen asking you to go to Cypress Flats . The place will be marked in blue on the map.

Once you get there, get out of the car and place your character on top of the blue circle . The game will therefore make a quick introduction to online activities. After the “movie”, you will enter the lobby with other players: you have to wait for the host, or the one who hosts the match, to start the game .

Play, therefore, the match of the Last Team Standing mode , in which you have to try to defeat the other players, and exit the lobby at its end. To do this, just click on Exit (eg Esc on PC) when voting for the next activity.

You will return to the GTA Online map and the game will let you know that you are now able to activate or participate in activities on your own . Great, you have successfully completed the game tutorial and you can start enjoying GTA 5 online mode properly .

Obviously, the game will continue to offer you other challenges , but now you have actually completed the preliminary missions designed by the developers.

How to progress in GTA Online

Once the GTA Online tutorial is complete, the Rockstar Games title presents itself to the player with a particularly high amount of content.

It is therefore easy to remain a bit “blown away” by the constant requests made by the game world. Given that there is no better way to play GTA Online and everyone can choose to complete the tasks they want in the order they want, I would like to recommend some tutorials that might be right for you.

More precisely, the guides that may interest you are those on how to make money on GTA Online , how to become a CEO on GTA Online and how to quickly rank up on GTA Online . You might also like to check out my GTA Online Best Purchases tutorial .

Finally, since you are a fan of the Rockstar Games title, I think it may be useful to consult the page of my site dedicated to GTA Online , where you can find many other tutorials on the subject.

How to redo the GTA Online tutorial

How do you say? Unfortunately, you accidentally skipped the GTA Online tutorial and regretted this choice? Don’t worry: I’ll explain immediately what you can do!

Well, as I have already explained in the initial chapter of the guide , unfortunately the choice is irreversible for your character , since there is no option that allows you to redo the tutorial once skipped.

However, if you intend to redo the preliminary missions that I showed you in the appropriate chapter , it probably means that you are still in the early stages of the game. As a result, you don’t have a lot of progress to save and you might therefore think about creating a new character or a new Rockstar profile , using another email address, and logging into GTA Online with it.

For all the case details on the possibility of adding a second character to the online mode, you can refer to my tutorial on how to create a character in GTA Online . If you want to switch accounts and console games instead , I remind you that you can unlink accounts following the official guidelines . For all account details, you can refer to my guide on how to join the GTA Social Club .

Also count that some players who have skipped the GTA Online tutorial in the past have later decided to download the game on another platform just to log in with a new profile and see what happens at the start of GTA 5’s online mode. by doing so, you will have the possibility to start from scratch again , this time being careful to choose to do the tutorial .

In short, although there is no special option to redo the tutorial, it is still possible to use this method to at least play the initial missions of GTA Online in hand.


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