How to do in WhatsApp so that they do not see that I saw a status

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world. One of the most attractive aspects of the platform is being able to see the status of the contacts. If you would like to see them anonymously, we explain how to do it in WhatsApp so that they do not see that I saw a status .

WhatsApp statuses allow users to share images, videos or animated GIFs, but with a special feature, which can only be viewed for 24 hours . After that time they will disappear and will not be saved anywhere. Contacts can interact and respond to these statuses simply by swiping up when viewing.

This way of sharing visual content is very similar to the stories of other social platforms such as Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat or Twitter fleets. It is a way to show photos of places we visit, to challenge contacts or share phrases to cheer up and motivate each day.

These WhatsApp statuses can be seen by any of the contacts you have in your mobile phone’s address book. Thus, you as a WhatsApp user can easily see other people’s status from the “status” tab next to the chats tab.

The person who publishes the status can then see how many and who of their contacts have seen it. But how to do in WhatsApp so that they do not see that I saw a status? You have reached the correct post, then we will tell you about it.

If for whatever reason you are interested in seeing someone’s status, but you don’t want WhatsApp to notify them that you’ve seen it, there is a small shortcut that will make you see the status completely anonymously.


How to do in WhatsApp so that they do not see that I saw a status? How to see WhatsApp statuses without a trace in 2021? Follow the steps that we explain below:

On Android devices, open WhatsApp and click on the three dots at the top right of the screen. Then click on “Settings” and then on “account”. Now click on the “Privacy” button. Then on the screen that appears, look for “Read receipts” and deactivate it by sliding the controller to the left.

On iOS devices you must open WhatsApp and click on the “Settings” icon that you have in the lower right part of the screen. Then click on “Account” and then click on “Privacy”. Now look for the “Read Receipts” option and disable it by sliding the controller to the left.

Now you will be able to see the statuses of your contacts without notifying them that you have done it. Be careful not to reactivate “read receipts” in at least 24 hours because if you do, WhatsApp will tell the contact that you have seen their story.


Now that you know how to do in WhatsApp so that they do not see that I saw a status, this question may arise: Can I remove that I have seen a status from WhatsApp? We answer you.

Once you have seen a WhatsApp status of any user that you have in your contact list, there is no way to reverse this action, that is, there is no way to remove that view from the status.

The only way to do it would be the tremendous one, blocking that contact on WhatsApp, but that also implies that you cannot receive messages from that person or write yourself. All types of communication would be cut off. So before blocking someone you must be sure of the consequences that they will have.

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