How to divide my iPad keyboard into two parts

IPads are a revolutionary technology developed by the Apple company . Which, as you may already know, is one of the most important technological giants today. Thanks to the fact that it is credited with manufacturing electronic devices with advanced technology and with the highest quality standards.

With the launch of the iPad, Apple reinvents the digital age. By manufacturing a device that is responsible for performing all the actions available on a home computer and / or laptop. As well as the functions of a mobile device through a structure with a size similar to that of a sheet of paper.

Basically iPads are electronic devices that contain the programs and applications available on a laptop. But it also offers the possibility of working like a smartphone by incorporating a SIM card slot. And even USB input ports and memory card, so calls are sent and received when you have a SIM card .

How to divide my iPad keyboard into two parts easily?

One of the greatest virtues of the iPad is its ingenious screen of 9.7 inches or even a little more depending on the type of model and generation you have purchased. Which is an excellent medium when it comes to performing didactic tasks, reading and writing, doing virtual work or other recreational activities such as viewing multimedia content.

This feature coupled with internet connection technology that can switch between Wi-Fi networks, GPS technology with synchronization to 3G mobile networks . They allow the device to be constantly connected to the web, so when accessing a site you can do so without major setbacks.

By providing a sharp LED screen large enough to perform various tasks. The keyboard will be the right size to type any phrase or text. Without having to suffer from the annoying problem in which the correct keys are not touched and therefore the expected result is not obtained when typing.

It should be noted that in case you have an old or antique iPad, you can easily update it to the latest version . So you won’t miss any of its new tools.

Steps to divide my iPad keyboard into two parts easily

Like most mobile devices, the iPad has a keyboard bar arranged in the lower section of the screen . This can be moved in the horizontal direction if the rotation option is activated.

However, being configured with a preset size, it is likely that you will have some problems when viewing some content from your device. Of course this is not a problem. Since any tool on your iPad can be modified to suit the user.

One option is to divide the keyboard into two parts. One to the left and one to the right, creating a space in the central part of the screen. You can also place it at the top or bottom of the screen as required. The process you must follow is the following:

  • Locate yourself in the program or application where you deserve to have a better visualization. Clicking on it will generate the keyboard.
  • Press and hold the lower right corner of the keyboard.
  • After this action, it is likely that you will be given the option to mobilize the keyboard so you must slide it up and select the “divide” option .
  • You can also choose to disable the keyboard . This option is available only for some applications and for this you will only have to touch the screen after the keyboard appears.
  • Remember that you can also connect a wired keyboard if it deserves it.

Return the keyboard to its original shape

To return the keyboard to its original shape, you can press for a few seconds in the lower right corner of the keyboard and when you have the movement option, slide up and then click on the merge option. It is important to know that the split option is not available on the 11 and 12.9-inch iPad pro.

Finally, we must emphasize that Apple has done an excellent job in terms of its devices. Since it offers security and high quality standards.


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