How to discover the source of a free online image

Finding out the source of an image is possible thanks to the WhatTheFont tool on the MyFonts website. The resource is free, online and compatible with JPG and PNG formats. If the letter is not found, the service will show similar options to use on your website, banner, e-book or wherever you wish.

AppGeek also shows how to find a font through Photoshop and when taking a picture from your phone. In addition, we also list sites with several options of free fonts to use in programs such as Word, Paint, Power Point or any other you want.

How to find the source of an image online

  1. Open the browser of your choice and access the MyFonts website . Touch the rectangle in the center of the page to access the image on your computer or cell phone;
  2. Touch the image with the source you want to discover. If you don’t have the image yet, see how to print from any cell phone or PC and notebook ;
  3. Select the area of ​​the photo where the desired font is, by dragging the line to the limits of the letters. The important thing is that only one line is selected. After making all necessary adjustments, go to the blue circle in the center;
  • To access the options to rotate the photo or tilt, just click on the icon of an inclined rectangle with an arrow.
  1. Next, suggestions from sources that are the same or similar to the one you are looking for will be displayed. Many of them are paid, but there are also free letters available that can meet your needs;
  2. Before downloading, you can test how other words look in the available sources. Just type them in the Enter your own text fieldand then click Change Text . The user is also able to adjust the font size by dragging the bar with two letters A from right to left and vice versa;
  3. If you are satisfied with one of the available sources (and willing to pay, if it is not free), go to Get itand, on the next screen, Buying choices . Then just follow the purchase guidelines on the website.

MyFonts offers fonts with licenses and prices that can be different for different types of uses. There are options like desktop, web source, applications, e-pubs, servers and online advertising.

If you want, you can check the fonts you want on other sites, which work in a similar way, such as those listed below:

  • com
  • Font Squirrel
  • FontSpring

How to discover font in Photoshop

If you have Photoshop installed on your computer, you can use the program to identify the source of an image. Just open the file with the letter and select the font with the selection tool.

Then, go to Text and, on the menu that opens, click Find similar font . Depending on the type, the correspondence may not be as accurate as that of the MyFonts website, but it is still a useful resource.

How to find out the source by taking a picture of your phone

WhatsTheFont has an app for Android and iOS, which allows you to take a photo and discover the source of a text right away. Although the site works for mobile devices, it does not have the functionality of taking pictures on the spot.

In addition, having the program can be a more practical option for those who frequently consult sources. First step is to install the application on your Android smartphone or iPhone . Then, follow the instructions below.

  1. Open the app, confirm that you have read the terms and conditions of use and give the necessary permissions to the program;
  2. When you see a source you want to identify, aim the camera and press the circle in the center of the screen to shoot;

3 . Adjust the text selection area and, if desired, change the slope in the icon for a slanted rectangle. When completing the adjustments, touch the blue circle in the center;

  1. Wait for the service to process the data and provide the names of similar sources, which can be purchased through the service’s website.

Sites to download free fonts

WhatTheFont, in addition to identifying fonts, makes fonts available for download. Most, however, are paid. Therefore, if you do not want or can invest in a letter, we have put together some services that provide free fonts.

It is likely that you will not find exactly the one you want, but you should find something very similar, that can meet your needs economically.

Google Fonts

The Google Fonts offers hundreds of free fonts to download. The platform allows you to view the types by phrase, alphabet, paragraph or numeral. If you like one, you can download the whole family or just one or more specific styles.


The BeFonts offers thousands of free font options, divided by styles. There are options of handwritten style letters, with and without serif, display, among others.

When you find one that pleases you, be aware of the usage rights. Some of them are restricted to personal use only, and the use of a commercial nature is prohibited.

Urban Fonts

The Urban Fonts brings together more than 8000 free fonts for download, organized by various styles. On the website, you can find letters in 3D, gothic, in the typewriter pattern, comics, distorted and much more.

If you like any, it is also important that you check the usage rights. There are completely free options, others just for testing and some that do not allow commercial use.

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