How to disable Windows 10?

How to disable Windows 10? Windows 10 is one of the softwares used to manage computers, deactivating it would imply a series of consequences on our computer, now, if what you want to do is deactivate some of its functions because your computer is working more slowly or they are simply functions that you do not use, then we will show you how to do this.

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Disable Windows 10

In the event that you want to uninstall this software because you don’t like how it works, or you simply don’t have the necessary drivers to handle it, don’t worry, we’ll show you how to do it. Remember that if you uninstall one software, you must install another for your PC to work properly.

This gives you two options of previous versions Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, in either case the system will allow you to return to any of these versions in a simple way without the need for many complications. Depending on the version to which you return, the system will indicate which programs you must update or restart and which ones are not necessary for you to restart or update.

Back to the previous version

In the event that you install this software from a previous version of Windows, the uninstallation is quite simple, you will do it as follows:

  • Press thestart menu option . Enter the system configuration.
  • Click on the update and securityalternative . This will display a series of alternatives, select the one corresponding to recovery.
  • If, as we already indicated, you installed this version from the update of the previous version, you will only have to click on the alternative to return to the previous version.
  • Click on the option to start, the system will want to know the reasons for the deactivation, and of course it will give you the corresponding warning notifications about the consequences of the deactivation of this version.
  • Once you have read all this information, click on the alternative to return to the previous version, the system will take care of the process.

Another alternative

In case the installation of Windows 10 was not carried out from an update of a previous version, an alternative is to return the equipment to factory settings, it is important to know that this will take the equipment to the configuration it had at the time of purchase, with a basic operating system.

Return to factory functions

  • Go to the settings section.
  • Locate and select the update and securityalternative .
  • Click on the option to recover.
  • Among the options given by the system, click on reset this PC,click on start.
  • This action will display a dialog windowwhere it will show you several options:
    • You will beable to keep your files .
    • Remove all
    • And finally restore thefactory settings . Click on this.


If you choose this way of uninstalling, the best thing to do is create a backup of all the files that we do not want to lose, because with this alternative we will erase each and every one of the files, programs and applications that we have on the DD.

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