How to disable WhatsApp without turning off WiFi on iPhone or Android?

Learning the tricks to deactivate WhatsApp without turning off WiFi is of great help for receiving messages without appearing “ online ”. In addition, in this way we proceed to reduce the inconvenience to users.

It is very important to know that WhatsApp is a leading application in the emission and reception of instant messages . It has become popular due to the adaptation of certain functions such as video calls, stickers, GIFs, among other components.

It is currently one of the most used tools in the world, so knowing several tricks to get away from technology a bit is of the utmost importance.

Step-by-step guide to disable WhatsApp without turning off WiFi

The truth is that many users tend to disconnect from the internet to prevent messages from arriving or not being able to appear online. And in this way not to be distracted at work with conversations, but the trick to avoid being distracted is to be able to read and reply to messages without appearing online.

But, with the advances, new tricks have come out to deactivate WhatsApp without turning off WiFi, being the following:

Enter the settings on the phone system

The first point of great importance is that for the trick it will not be necessary to download an application external to the one already used. Everything is a matter of knowing how to adapt the internal configuration of the equipment in question.

The first step is to access the configuration panel of the phone’s operating system. Then, locate in the list of options the button that says “Applications”, immediately a list of App will be adjusted, there look for the icon of “WhatsApp”.

In the case of iPhones, the procedure is not so different, only in this case the names tend to vary. Ideally, you should locate the folder where it is stored and force a stop from there.

Enable the deactivation measure

Once the button is located, press to enter a new profile with certain values ​​such as size, use and other informative data of the application. But, in the upper area, there are two buttons located, select the one that says “ Force Stop ”.

With the option to force stop WhatsApp you can also use the trick to delete WhatsApp messages outside of the time limit.

When activating the function, the App enters an inactive mode within the execution of the programs within the phone. This will prevent the issuance of messages and notifications (in some cases) so that users can continue using their devices without entering the application.

Although, in some scenarios, it could damage the application or cause new operational failures in the long term, it is recommended that it is not practiced regularly.

Another way to disconnect from social networks is to temporarily deactivate the WhatsApp Messenger application .

WhatsApp activation

After having enjoyed the trick, the next question is about how to activate WhatsApp again. Well, the user will have to enter their account in the application again.

It is very important to know that, when accessing, the program will take a while to open, since a stop has been forced, so you will have to recapture your messages and the activity that arose while it was inactive. In some cases, the force unexpectedly closes the account from the start, so clients will have to go through the sync process again .

Advantages of knowing how to disable WhatsApp without turning off WiFi

Like any digital trick, knowing how to deactivate WhatsApp without turning off WiFi has its benefits, among the most important are the following points:

  • It allows users to enjoy the internet on their mobile to view their mail, their social networks or any application that requires the service.
  • The chats or conversations will remain muted , that is, they will not emit sound or notifications during the time that the App is deactivated on the phone.
  • The measure is compatible with smart devices that are Android or Apple operating system , only that their steps tend to change a bit.
  • The contacts that send a message to our phone will only get a single check , that is, the received signal will not come out, much less the reading signal.
  • Another way to block the constant arrival of messages is by disabling pop-up notifications.


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