How to disable unnecessary services in Windows 10

When we use the Windows 10 version of Microsoft’s operating system, we can notice that the system runs the so-called Windows services in the background . Although their name defines them as essential elements for running the operating system, the truth is that some of them are dispensable.

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  1. What commands can be used to see the list of services in Windows 10?
  2. How to identify the services that can be disabled in Windows 10?
    1. Diagnostic Policy Services
    2. Diagnostic follow-up service
    3. Map managers
    4. Auxiliary IP
    5. Bug reports
    6. Parental controls
    7. Encryption service
  3. What are the benefits of disabling unnecessary services in Windows 10?
    1. Minimize ‘Slow starts’
    2. Less resource consumption

What commands can be used to see the list of services in Windows 10?

An essential part for your Windows 10 to work are the services, since it is thanks to them that your operating system and the applications that are in it work, as well as the occasional element of your hardware.

Inside your computer there are tons of services that keep it operational , but some are not essential and only reduce its efficiency. In addition, these can be chosen the degree of priority they have in the system so that they start or stop depending on the operation that it carries out or without managing them manually.

These can be seen through the ‘Windows 10 services’ panel, here you can find out which ones are running and control them in case of any failure , for this you just have to use the command’ SERVICES.MSC ‘by entering it in the special administrator’ run ‘which is opened by pressing the Home and R keys at the same time, this will send you directly to the list of services together with what each one works for. It is important that you learn to use the Windows 10 services management.

How to identify the services that can be disabled in Windows 10?

On your computer there are many services installed that are obsolete or unnecessary for your Windows 10 to function normally, either because they are things that are not used regularly or technologies that are not compatible with your computer. When deciding which one is really necessary or not it can be difficult, not all of us are expert programmers to know what service is important or not, and doing it by chance can cause catastrophic damage to your operating system.

For this reason we will give you information about some services that you do not need and you can disable without problems. Disabling some services will also help you improve or troubleshoot your Windows 10 startup.

Diagnostic Policy Services

This is a service that you will not use almost ever , and only this one to make room could almost be said, even if you are a programmer it will not be of great importance to have it always active. To deactivate it, first enter the list of services and locate it, select it by double-clicking it and choose the type of service option, and configure it to disable and press accept so that this is processed and finalized.

Diagnostic follow-up service

This is a telemetry solution that is not really very useful , it will only consume valuable space the best is that you locate it in the list of services and disable it without major problem, this is the most recommended, since you will never use it In itself, if you do not know how to do them, it is very easy, you just locate it and select it, enter the type of service and accommodate it to your preference, but it is best to disable it.

Map managers

If you do not use the map application that is integrated into your system, the best thing is that you do not allow it to work automatically, since it will make your equipment less efficient, it is normal that you change the type of service to manual, but in case of that you never use it you can also disable it completely.

Auxiliary IP

This is a service that you do not really need to use, unless you never use it , in case you never use an IPve connection, you can always uninstall it from your system , once located you just have to proceed to disable it through the configuration ‘ type of service’.

Bug reports

Unless you are an advanced user, this service will only be a burden on your system, to use it requires some experience and it is not something necessary as such, the best thing you can do is disable it from your system so that it does not continue to slow down your computer. It is best to disable it, but if you actually use this service you can configure it manually.

Parental controls

This service was created for the safety of children when using the computer, this has the purpose of guaranteeing the surveillance, security and control of what the child can do or not do when using the computer , this service offers the ability to restrict pages, programs or applications that are not suitable for children; But if your computer is never used by children, it does not require this service to be working, since it does not affect anything that your computer does not have this security service if it is not within the reach of a child, you should only go to the list of services and disable it.

Encryption service

Unless you use it, this service does not need to be activated, it is aimed at protecting information and data on local and removable drives, through encryption; BitLocker encryption service is not something that needs to be activated automatically, since today almost everyone has antivirus and external encryption services that easily replace it, therefore this service is no longer necessary and is you can simply disable it without causing any problem to your computer.

What are the benefits of disabling unnecessary services in Windows 10?

This action is highly recommended, deactivating the services that you are not using on your computer brings several benefits in terms of speed and savings, this action will thank your system, and you will see that the results are noticeable when deactivating all that extra weight which included the installation of Windows 10 on your computer; To talk about benefits, you have to talk about the two most important ones, which are:

Minimize ‘Slow starts’

This can be seen in the speed of your computer , many of the aforementioned services only caused your computer to work with less speed, you will see that when you start your computer it will be much faster; the famous slow starts will disappear completely by removing that extra load to process during start-up.

Less resource consumption

It is not a secret that, if your computer is slowed down due to excessive consumption of resources , removing those services that could be said to work as filler will notice a radical change in the processing speed of your computer. Disabling these services will help a lot, since without these the storage data and resources that they used will be diverted to others of greater importance.

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