How to disable trailers on Apple TV

No one can doubt that Apple TV and the Apple TV + service are great to enjoy the best entertainment from our television to the fullest. Of course, as you know, by default it plays the trailers of the series and other content in full screen. But this you can change. We tell you how to disable trailers on Apple TV :

Disable trailers on Apple TV

When it comes to enjoying entertainment from Apple TV, we have many options. One of them is to remove the trailers so that by default they are not shown.

Sometimes, they are interesting to know what the content that we are about to be is about. However, when we already know it, it can be a hassle. For users who don’t want them back out, they can directly disable trailers on Apple TV .

Move the app from row

As you know, the applications that are in the first row of the Apple TV, show the content almost full screen. So, a trick is to move the app to the next row or lower ; so that it stops showing the content automatically or that we directly have to open the app to see it.

In that case, to move it, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Stand on top of the TV app
  2. Press and hold the trackpad on the controller
  3. When the icon shakes, move it one line or more down
  4. Press the trackpad to finish

Switch between modes

This is not the only way, you can also change the info that the application shows. For example, the “what to watch” mode shows the trailers of the newly published content. And there is also the other mode “below” that shows the queue of movies or series that we are watching. To do this, you can switch between modes like this:

  1. On Apple TV open the Settings app
  2. Enter Apps
  3. Go to tv
  4. Get on Top of Content
  5. Now click on the trackpad to switch from one mode to another

By setting the other mode, trailers will no longer be played automatically on Apple TV. We hope it has served you!

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