How to disable the sound of the touch keyboard of IPhone

Cell phones since their appearance became a very useful tool for easy communication, success was achieved worldwide with cell phones, even these obtained other functionalities through applications that facilitate day-to-day tasks.

But as it is helpful in many areas using cell it has had much impact for its great use even companies have chosen to avoid using cell phones at work , but avoid is difficult if a person is addicted to his cell post that this is a disease and it is a great challenge to stop using it the same way.

The characteristics of cell phones have been improving for a long time , they have been meeting the objectives and thus the market has grown.

You can get photographs, photos, personal data, quality of screen resolution and even sounds when using the keyboard, but here we will show you how to deactivate this particular option.

How to deactivate the sound of the touch keyboard of my Android cell phone

Surely if you got this far it is because you are tired of the sound that the touch keyboard can cause every time we touch a key, it is important to know that this sound is brought by cell phones in their factory settings, it also often has the vibration activated that is why the user that is to say the buyer must choose to deactivate it.

In many cases the option is hidden in the configuration but it can be reached. We enter settings in our Android, we quickly look for the sound and notifications option, we proceed to look for the option that says other sounds and the only thing left to do is to get the choice of keyboard sound in that section and deactivate it.

Easy, fast and simple, we managed to deactivate this annoying sound, even in that same section you get the option to also remove the vibration when playing. In some cases, if the option where we show you is not available, we can resort to looking for the option of keyboards and input methods and among several options that we will see we will try to deactivate the keyboard and its vibration

How to disable the sound of the touch keyboard of my IPhone cell phone

On many occasions, users who own an iPhone find it difficult to make some changes to their mobile phone from their apple virtual store, also to fix the iPhone applications that are not downloaded or updated .

Regarding the deactivation of the sound of the keyboard in IPhone we go to settings then to the sound section but when you get there you must reach the end of everything and and you will see two options, one to deactivate the sound of the keyboard   and another the lock button .

Among many technological tools with which the IPhone have a lot of luxury is that of controlling, turning off and turning on lights with the iPhone , one of the positives for its users.

IPhone vs Android?

If we analyze more in depth we can take into account that iPhone is a brand of a mobile phone but that android is the name of an operating system that many mobile phones have, iPhone is always more expensive due to the quality of the material but in other terms of duration battery or there may be a lot of competition, it all depends there is a lot of differentiation.

There are games like Minecraft to download on IPhone and Android because it is a very popular game, therefore you can download Minecraft from your mobile phone. This is an open world under construction and its version was adapted for mobile phones.

The debates about iphone and android have never come to an end, always in constant debate but in any case each user has their preference that they value for different reasons.

These cell phones go beyond just receiving calls because they pass with us 24 hours a day and have all our personal information and we use it in free time or if we are at a distance from our relatives to communicate or in many cases mobile only for him. job.


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