How to disable the activation lock on my Apple Watch?

Found your lost Apple Watch and want to activate it? We show you how to easily disable Activation Lock on your Apple Watch .

The Apple company has put on the market multiple gadgets and devices that complement each other and whose functions are quite attractive.

One of the most popular currently are its smart watches, which offer integrated functionalities for people who enjoy outdoor sports, such as a compass, fall detector and even the emergency call system, they also allow you to read or respond to messages from WhatsApp on your Apple Watch easily.

Since these SmartWatches can store personal information of their user, Apple has been responsible for including the Activation Lock function in the Find my iPhone application.

Thanks to it, you can restrict access to your device remotely, in case of theft or loss, ensuring that your information is kept safe and that no one else can use the device.

If you find your Apple Watch again, you can deactivate this function and continue using it normally . Read on to learn how.

What is Activation Lock?

Activation Lock is a feature included in the Find my iPhone app , available for all Apple devices with iOS 5 or later, on Mac with OS X 10.7.5 Lion and watches with Watch OS 2 or later.

In case your device is lost or stolen, you can use this function to prevent other people from using it, making it more likely to recover.

To do it remotely you must have your Apple ID and password at hand , I have to enter your iCloud account from a browser. There you access the activation lock function and your device will be immediately protected.

Disable Activation Lock

Once you have recovered your lost or stolen Apple Watch, you can deactivate the lock function to use your device again. Here are two ways to do it.

From your iPhone

If you have an iPhone synchronized with your Apple Watch the process will be really simple; for this you must have both devices at hand.

From your iPhone, enter the Find my iPhone application, in the list of associated devices select your Apple Watch and click on the My watch tab .

You will see at the top of the screen the Clock button, press it and then select the Information option. Within this new menu go to the Unlink Apple Watch section.

In case your SmartWatch has mobile data, select the option «Delete operator plan» . Now you must confirm that you are the owner by entering your Apple ID and password. If you still don’t know how to log in with your Apple ID on your iPhone, this article is of interest to you.

Wait a few seconds until you see the Confirm button and press it to complete the action. Once the process is finished, the block will be deactivated and you can start using your Apple Watch again.

You can also do it by entering the app from any of your devices with the same Apple ID to track or block it.

From the iCloud website

If you don’t have another Apple device on hand , you can go to the iCloud website to go through the lock deactivation process.

In the platform you must enter with your Apple ID and your password, the same one you have on your Apple Watch. Among the available buttons you will see the one corresponding to Search . By clicking on the button you will have access to the Find my iPhone page where you will have to re-enter your Apple ID data.

Once this is done, you must press All devices on the top bar and select your Apple Watch. In the menu that is on the right side of the screen, select the option Delete Apple Watch.

Confirm this command by entering your Apple ID information and wait for the process to finish. Now you just have to confirm your identity from your SmartWatch and start using it normally.

By following these simple steps you can deactivate the activation lock on your Apple Watch to have access again and enjoy all its functions.

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