How to disable Samsung’s Bixby assistant?

The cellular technology giant Samsung is determined to never be left behind , for this reason as new technologies in communication and mobile utilities advance, this global market giant gives its high-end models the most advanced in these technologies. One of the technologies that has been liked the most by millions of mobile phone users worldwide has been the implementation of a virtual assistant called Bixby which was implemented in recent years and has been well received.

But although many find it very comfortable to have a virtual assistant on their devices, there are many others for whom having a voice on the phone to guide them in different activities does not go very well, on the contrary this type of assistants for many it is somewhat annoying. For this reason, in this article we will show you how to completely disable Samsung’s Bixby assistant.


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  1. What should I keep in mind before disabling Samsung’s Bixby assistant?
  2. How can I disable Bixby assistant voice commands?
    1. Select your ‘3 horizontal lines’
    2. Go to ‘Settings’
    3. Click on ‘Voice Response’
    4. Choose ‘Hands-free only’
  3. How can I remove my Bixby assistant from Bluetooth and hands-free?
    1. Complete the ‘Headphone Settings’

What should I keep in mind before disabling Samsung’s Bixby assistant?

Although you have many reasons to completely deactivate this virtual assistant that Samsung has added to its smartphones, it is good that you take into account all the functions that this virtual assistant called Bixby offers in the latest generation of Samsung devices , which each time count With more functions and very useful tools, of course, like all smartphones of any brand, there are always pros and cons in each model and the same can be said of Samsung mobiles.

Speaking a bit of the Samsung Bixby virtual assistant, it is very present in the equipment since it can be accessed from a button that has been added to the devices to activate the assistant’s functions, in the same way it is present in the commands voice that the device receives and that serves to perform different functions such as making calls, playing favorite music , among others, also with Bixby you can establish certain routines both at home or at work. All these functions that the Korean giant Samsung has decided to implement with this virtual assistant Bixby can be disabled if the user wishes, which will leave their device without these aforementioned functions.

If, even taking into account all the above, on the functionalities that this virtual assistant offers on your Samsung mobile you consider that leaving it activated is quite annoying, you only have to follow the instructions that we will show you below so that you can deactivate Bixby from your device Samsung.

How can I disable Bixby assistant voice commands?

Already decided to eliminate the Bixby functions from your Samsung cell phone, it is time to show you what you should do to deactivate the voice commands of this assistant, so you can prevent Bixby from bothering you when you are using your mobile device. They must perform several steps which we proceed to explain in a simple way.

Select your ‘3 horizontal lines’

The first thing you should do is start the virtual assistant Bixby on your Samsung device, when you do it you can see at the top of the screen of your mobile ´3 horizontal lines´ you must click on these so that you can now go to the next step. would be to go to ´Adjustes´

Go to ‘Settings’

Now that you have located in the ‘Settings’ of the Samsung Bixby virtual assistant on your device, here you will see several options , ‘Voice response’, ‘Automatic listening’ and ‘Command awake’, now the next step would be to click on the option ´Voice reply´

Click on ‘Voice Response’

Once the option ‘Voice response’ is located, when you click on this option, you must indicate among the options that are shown in which you want to configure the voice response of the Bixby virtual assistant, the next step will be to choose the option ‘Only hands-free’.


Choose ‘Hands-free only’

When you choose this “Hands-free only” option, the Bixby virtual assistant on your Samsung device will be configured to activate only when you connect the headphones to your device . With these simple steps you can disable the voice command of this Bixby assistant on your cell phone when you turn it on or perform any function with it and Bixby will not bother you, since it will only be enabled when you use the headphones. But if what you want is to completely deactivate this assistant, even the Bluetooth and the hands-free of your mobile, you must do other simple ones that we will indicate below.

How can I remove my Bixby assistant from Bluetooth and hands-free?

Now to remove the Bixby virtual assistant also from the Bluetooth and the hands-free of your mobile you will have to perform some of the previous steps again, the first thing would be to enter the Bixby assistant on your device, then click on the menu identified by ´3 lines horizontal ‘, now you must go to’ Settings’, once you enter there you will see the options again: ‘Voice response’ which was the one we selected earlier, you will also see the option ‘Command awake’ and ‘Automatic listening’ is here where you must enter To make the configuration, you will see the option to enable Bixby when connecting the hands-free and the option ‘Never’so that this assistant does not activate when you connect the headphones or use the Bluetooth of your device. In this way you will have been able to remove the Samsung assistant from your computer, including the hands-free and Bluetooth, you only have to finish configuring the headphones.

Complete the ‘Headphone Settings’

Once you have selected the option ´Never´ in the configuration of the ´Automatic listening´ menu, you can access the ´Configuration of the headphones´ to finish configuring them the way you want since when you connect these to your devices you can automatically activate some functions of your device such as: play music using the music player that you have installed on your device or make a call or activate the virtual assistant Bixby.


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