How to disable or prevent automatic updates for Adobe Acrobat?

There are certain processes that are really annoying while we use the system, for example, the automatic updates of Adobe Acrobat, mainly because they are a background element that consumes resources.

Adobe Acrobat is a program developed by Adobe that allows the editing and viewing of documents in PDF format. To facilitate the reading of these documents, Adobe has tools such as the highlighter to mark the most important of the text. This highlighter can also be changed to the color you want.

You also have the option to edit a PDF document by organizing, inserting, deleting or extracting pages .

At the same time, it’s a bit strenuous to have to cancel automatic updates every time they try to download, or it can take up a lot of bandwidth.

Why should I disable automatic updates for Adobe Acrobat?

Your computer usually has a specific use of RAM for certain applications and programs, which is activated automatically when they appear to run. But, some of these programs interrupt the loading of other software or may reduce the performance of the computer.

The processes that most make use of your PC’s resources are those that install and download updates, and Adobe Acrobat is one of them, constantly searching for new versions for their Suit.

Downloads that can sometimes be unnecessary, since the operation of the programs will not be affected by the lack of one or the other, and although it is important to keep them up to date; it is something you can do manually at another time.

How can I disable automated updates from Adobe?

Some people prefer to cancel automatic updates to Adobe Acrobat to conserve resources and bandwidth. The one in charge of this happening is a component integrated to the program called “Adobe Updater” that will be constantly active looking for improvements.

Through this element you can make the necessary adjustments to obtain the update settings that suit you best, that is, you can schedule the time in which they are made or deactivate the service completely.

Access Adobe Acrobat preferences

First, you must open the application, using the search bar, through a shortcut on the desktop or in the start menu. Then, you must select the “Edit” menu and, consequently, the “Preferences” option .

Enter the Adobe Updater settings section

Now you must navigate, between all the categories that are shown in the menu that is on the left side of the screen that appeared when you clicked on the previous segment; and locate the option “Updater”.

Clicking on it will reveal a different section where you can modify the preferences of the “Adobe Updater” item;  and thus get to postpone or stop automatic updates of Adobe Acrobat.

Make the relevant changes to the configuration

Once inside this section, you just have to decide what settings you want to establish, for example, if you need the updates not to run at all; you can choose “Do not download updates automatically”.

On the other hand, if you want the program to search for new versions, but not install them, you can choose “Download updates, but let me choose when they will be installed.”

Finally, whatever configuration you have placed, you can finish and save the settings by clicking on the “OK” button and applying the changes made in Adobe Acrobat.

How can disabling updates completely affect negatively?

Renewing the versions of the software that make up the system is almost as important as keeping it clean, optimized and free of viruses. Although many of these programs do not necessarily need constant updates or will stop working without them.

In this sense; Disabling the automatic updates of Adobe Acrobat is not exactly a negative thing for the applications that need them, that is, if you take care of doing it every so often; there should be no drawbacks.

So, if these programs stop updating for a period; their operation will not diminish, although, it is possible that you are missing important changes in them.

As long as you are aware of all these factors, you can calmly stipulate to postpone the updates for a time, which, preferably, should not be longer than five or six months.

If you need to work with another document format Adobe Acrobat also allows you to change documents from PDF to XML format.


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