How to Disable or Hide the SSID on a Linksys Router

The SSID is a very significant value because it identifies your Wifi network with respect to the others. All Linksys routers set an SSID by default and this is essential to protect the network. For this reason, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to disable or hide the SSID on a Linksys router – Step by step

What the SSID?

SSID stands for “Service Set Identifier” and consists of a primary name that is assigned to a wireless network (WiFi) . This identifier consists of a maximum of 32 alphanumeric characters and frequently refers to the name of the network.

What is the SSID for?

The SSID or “Service Set Identifier” is used to identify all the packets on the network to which a router is connected . In this way, we can differentiate this network from other wireless networks that are in the area. For this reason, it is convenient to configure and improve the connection security of a WiFi router   to be able to enjoy this resource.

How to Disable or Hide the SSID on a Linksys Router – Step by Step

It is essential to disable or hide the SSID on a Linksys router to protect a wireless network. Likewise, it is advisable to hide the signal of the WiFi network so that the internet is not stolen . If you want to perform this procedure, pay attention to each of the steps that we explain below.

Access the Linksys router settings

If you want to disable the SSID in a Linksys router, you must enter the configuration of this device. To achieve this, access the web browser of your choice and type in the address bar: “”. Press the “Enter” key to bring up the Linksys interface.

Initially, a login is required. If this is the first time you are going to access the router’s configuration, write “admin” (without the quotes) for the username and password. It is recommended that you go to the “Administration” tab in order to establish a new password to protect your network.

Set up the connection

To configure the connection, enter “Setup” and “Basic Setup”. Next, verify that the second parameter has the value PPPoe . Press the “Save settings” button if you make any changes to the username and password associated with the internet service.

Set up the wireless network

If you want to disable or hide the SSID of your Linksys router, you must have previously identified your network. If you haven’t done it yet, go to the “Wireless” tab and click on “Basic Wireless Settings”. Check the “Manual” option and write a name for the Wi-Fi network in the “Network Name (SSID)” field. Finally, press the “Save Settings” button.

Disable or hide the SSID on the Linksys router

If your wireless network has an SSID or “network name” and you can access the Linksys router configuration and enter the “Wireless” or “Wireless” tab. There, you can manage the basic wireless settings. Therefore, you can easily change the name and password of your WiFi network .

Later, locate the option “SSID Broadcast” or “Broadcast SSID” and check the option “Disabled” or “Deactivated”. In this way, you can disable or hide the name that identifies your Wi-Fi network. Finally, click on “Save Settings” or “Save Settings.”

What is the purpose of disabling or hiding the SSID on a Linksys router?

The procedure to disable or hide the SSID on a Linksys router serves to protect your wireless network or “Wifi” by preventing other users from detecting your name by viewing all available Wifi networks.

Therefore, most intruders will not be able to access your network that easily . However, this alternative is not totally effective to defend your wireless network since there are some methods that allow you to find out the SSID despite having it configured as a hidden or disabled parameter.


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