How to disable or customize Windows 10 notifications

If while you are working, studying or watching series on your computer you receive notifications from Windows 10, we will explain step by step how to get rid of them forever.

Windows 10 notifications are usually annoying, especially because they are usually things that you do not care much like new emails, app notifications, downloads, Windows 10 tips and tricks, notices, incoming VOIP calls and the like.

We explain a very simple way for you to delete or customize those annoying notifications. Like almost everything in Windows 10, it is a process that is not final, but you can go back the same way and activate the notifications again.

To remove or customize annoying notifications from Windows 10 , follow these steps:

  • Press the WIN + Ikeys and the Windows 10 configuration panel opens.
  • Then select Systemand then Notifications & Actions.
  • Here you will see all the control you have over annoying Windows 10 notifications.
  • You can deactivate everything or go deactivating only what irritates you the most.
  • If you want to activate it again, you just have to go back to this menu and activate the notifications again.

If despite these changes you continue to receive notifications, it is time to act individually . Without leaving the Notifications and actions window, scroll down and click on each of the applications.

Within each of them there is a menu to select the type of notifications, their position and the number of notifications that you will see on the screen. It is enough to deactivate each app to not receive notifications.

We recommend that, every time you install a new application on your Windows 10 computer, you enter this menu and disable notifications. So you can continue working, studying, listening to music or watching series on Netflix without any notification interrupting you.

Notifications usually make sound, appear on the screen and accumulate in the notification panel. If you want to put an end to this without having to disable notifications, you can activate the Windows 10 Focus Assist , but that does not guarantee 100% that notifications will not interrupt you.


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