How to disable notifications acquired echo

Have you purchased a gift from Amazon for your girlfriend’s birthday? Don’t let your echo device spoil the surprise by notifying you of the delivery of your package! You must immediately disable notifications acquired echo ; this is because the echo devices associated with your Amazon account provide all the information of your purchases (for example if the package is on delivery or has been delivered).

So immediately run for cover, read this very short guide and make sure that the gift remains a surprise!


  • Amazon Shopping Notifications on Echo
  • Disable notifications acquired echo

Amazon Shopping Notifications on Echo

Before we see how to disable alexa notifications, let’s see very quickly how these notifications work.

Every time you make a purchase, all the Amazon echo devices connected to your Amazon account will provide you with information about the shipment and delivery of the package. When a new notification is available on echo devices with a screen (the echo show and echo spot series) an orange bar appears at the top of the screen while on devices without a screen the indicator light flashes yellow. Once a notification is received, you can find out the content of the notification with the voice command “ Alexa, read my notifications “.

Find more commands for managing Alexa notifications in this article which contains the list of Alexa commands .

Disable notifications acquired echo

To disable echo captured notifications you will need to use the alexa app from your mobile.

Open the Alexa app and press the top left button with the three horizontal lines symbol to display the Alexa menu. Select the settings item and on the next screen select the notifications item .

Then select the item Amazon Shopping to open the notification settings for purchases on Amazon.

Within this window there are four items that can be enabled or disabled:

  • Out for Delivery: Notifies you when a package is in shipment
  • DeliveredNotifies you when a package has been delivered
  • Within the delivery notifications: specify in the delivery notifications what has been delivered (product description)
  • Within inquiries: Provides information on delivered products if requested via voice command

To avoid spoiling the surprise you have to disable notifications acquired echo by removing all four items (i.e. by pressing on the lever next to each item so that the lever is on the left.

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