How to disable my Facebook notifications

With the social platform Facebook, you can chat with others at the same time that you review the photos uploaded by users that you have as friends. Thanks to this type of thing, Facebook is one of the best social networks today. In addition, if you want you can also only be aware of the messages if you use Messenger.

If you are the type of user who bothers to receive messages all the time, the content of this page will be very useful. In short, we’ll show you how to disable your new Facebook messages , how to remove message notifications in Windows, and a few other things related to these messages.

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  1. I want to deactivate my new messages, how do I do it?
  2. How do I remove the pop-up notifications from Windows on the screen?
  3. An App sends me notifications from Facebook, how do I remove the permissions?
  4. How to disable notifications only from a friend or page?

I want to deactivate my new messages, how do I do it?

The easiest way to deactivate new messages within Facebook is by ignoring the conversation of the people who send them to you. As Facebook does not have a specific function that allows you to block all the messages they send you, the easiest way to block them is by ignoring the conversations.

This kind of thing can be done from the Facebook application and also from the Messenger application for mobiles. Pay attention how to do it:

  1. Enter the Facebook application
  2. Click on the icon of the section in which new messages are registered
  3. Locate the chat of the person who always sends you messages
  4. That chat, you must open it
  5. Within the chat, press the gear icon
  6. In the new options that will appear, choose the one that says ‘Silence’

This way, the messages you receive will never bother you while you are checking the new posts on your Facebook account. Now, see how chats are muted from Messenger:

  1. Enter the Messenger application
  2. Find the chat you want to ignore
  3. Hold it down and choose the option ‘Mute this conversation’

If there are several people who send you messages, you would have to carry out the process explained above in each of the chats.

How do I remove the pop-up notifications from Windows on the screen?

From computers you can use Facebook through the platform’s website . The first time you log into your Facebook from a computer browser, the platform itself asks if you want to allow notifications from the site.

If you have given it in ‘Allow’, you will receive notifications of messages that are skipped on the Windows screen. To remove these types of notifications, you must follow the following instructions:

  1. Open the browser from which you have logged into your Facebook account
  2. Press the 3 dots icon
  3. In the options that will be displayed, select the option ‘Configuration’
  4. Then, enter the ‘Privacy / Security’ section
  5. Then click on ‘Site Settings’
  6. There look for the Facebook website
  7. When you find it, press it and remove the permissions to send notifications

If the message notifications always arrive from the Messenger website, you will have to repeat the same process mentioned, but select the Messenger website. It should be noted that to have fun with your friends you can create a group on Messenger .

An App sends me notifications from Facebook, how do I remove the permissions?

On certain occasions, other applications outside of Facebook and Messenger usually send notifications of messages or publications. The applications that do this are those in which you have started your Facebook session that is still active. There are two ways to cancel the receipt of Facebook notifications from another app

The first way is by logging out of Facebook that you have started and the other way is by blocking notifications from that application. Pay attention to how to close the started sessions :

  1. Open the Facebook app
  2. Enter your account settings
  3. Then, go to the section ‘Login Activity’
  4. Then, close all the started sessions except the one with the green dot which is the one you are currently using

In this way, the only applications that will have access to your Facebook account will be Messenger and also Facebook. Now, see the second way to block these notifications:

  1. Enter the mobile settings
  2. In the search bar put the name of the application that always sends notifications
  3. Then, press it and remove the permission to send notifications

How to disable notifications only from a friend or page?

When you want to disable notifications from a page that you follow on Facebook or from a friend, you must enter their profile and make certain changes. In the case of the page, you only have to enter the ‘News’ section, find the page you follow, press it, look for the 3-dot icon and silence the notifications .

In case you don’t want to receive notifications from a friend, you can do the following. Go to their profile, press the icon with the 3 dots and choose the option ‘Mute’. This way you will not receive any more notifications from that specific person.

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