How To Disable Disney Plus Autoplay

Disney Plus is the culmination of Disney’s corporate project as a leading company within the audiovisual landscape, by bringing together all the content for children and adults that the company accumulates within a streaming service that is completely easy to use , inexpensive and available in practically every corner. around the world, so your global audience continues to expand.

Considering that we are dealing with a relatively new platform, there are still bugs in the software that can occur from time to time. However, errors such as Disney Plus does not work and does not show content can be easily solved within the platform in a matter of minutes, it is all a matter of having a basic knowledge.

In the same way, other types of errors also usually occur that prevent Disney Plus from being downloaded, which would be due to the compatibility of the device with the application , so in cases like this it would already be recommended to access Disney Plus from a PC with Windows, Mac or Linux to access it without any compatibility problems.

There is a wide range of options to access Disney Plus due to being a last generation multiplatform tool, so it is recommended to consult the configuration to customize it to your liking. Therefore, with this article today we hope to teach you how to disable or remove the autoplay of Disney Plus step by step.


  • Disable Disney Plus Autoplay
  • Turn off autoplay of Disney Plus background videos

Disable Disney Plus Autoplay

Like the rest of the streaming services, Disney Plus has the well-known automatic playback function at the end of an episode of a series, with the aim of optimizing the time between one episode and the next . This function can be very useful in many cases, however it also has its disadvantages for various reasons.

Mainly, this function can become annoying because on many occasions it happens that we fall asleep when watching a series and it continues to play without our consent . Also due to this function, we may run out of mobile data, or lose time of the day dedicated to other daily activities when we are watching the series.

And like the rest of its competitors, Disney Plus has this function activated by default, luckily within its configuration it is possible to disable it easily depending on the device on which you use the application.

To deactivate this option on Android, iPhone and iPad, you simply have to open the application and check the “Profile” section in the lower right corner and then in the “Edit profiles” option , in this section look for the “Automatic Playback” option. ”And you can deactivate it by pressing on the slide switch. Finish the process by clicking on the Save button.

While to deactivate this option on the TV or PC, you must access the main menu on the left hand side of the screen and click on the name of your profile. Then in the next menu, select the option “Edit profiles” and within it you will have the option to deactivate automatic playback.

Turn off autoplay of Disney Plus background videos

Within the Disney Plus platform you have a wide range of tools available to customize your profile so that its use is more comfortable for you and you can have a better experience. With options to change the language of Disney Plus movies and series  and disable background videos in order to save data and run faster.

The latter is usually the most tedious within the platform, since as soon as we select a title, the background video begins to play. The good news is that you can easily deactivate it, for this you just have to enter the platform via the web or the official mobile application , and select your profile from the options menu previously explained.

Then you must select the option “Edit profiles” , and just below the automatic playback option, you will have available the option of background videos which you can deactivate by pressing on the sliding switch. And to finish the process, you must click on the Save button.


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