How to disable Bluetooth on the PS4 controller?

Sony Playstation consoles are unanimously the industry leaders. Of all the consoles they are the best selling by far with more than 100 million PS4 sold worldwide.  Thanks to that there are lots of accessories for the console such as the PS5 controller which you can also connect to your PC.

Among them is the PS4 controller, which you can not only use to play on the console but you can also play with it on many other devices: all you have to do is connect it via USB or pair it via Bluetooth depending on the device.

How to disable Bluetooth on your PS4 controller? | Unlink your Device

Before continuing, it is important to clarify that you should not worry about your Playstation 4 model: both the standard model and the PS4 Pro work under the same operating system , therefore the instructions to follow both to connect the controller and to unlink it are the same no matter what your model is.

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  1. What is the procedure to unlink your controller from your PS4?
  2. How to reconnect the controller to your console via Bluetooth?
  3. What devices can you pair your controller with to play?
    1. android phone
    2. iOS 13
    3. With your iPadOS 13
    4. macOS Catalina
    5. Con tvOS13

What is the procedure to unlink your controller from your PS4?

There are several ways to unlink your controller from your console, but the best practice is to simply link it to another device . To do this you must have the console turned off and the controller disconnected.

To connect the controller the light bar of the controller must be off (if it is not, press and hold the PS button until it turns off). After that hold the Share button and the PS button until the light starts flashing. This is all you need to do with the controller.

As for the device to which you will connect it: you must first activate the Bluetooth connection of said device. After that you should search for new devices and link the PS4 controller to the device. If you did everything correctly, the light will have stopped flashing and will remain a solid color.

How to reconnect the controller to your console via Bluetooth?

To connect the Dualshock back to the PS4, we must first turn off both the controller and the console. Then we must connect the controller to the console using a USB cable (the console should have one) and turn on the console. After that we will turn on the control and the linking will be complete.

If you have problems with linking try restarting the control before linking it . To do this, we just have to press and hold the reset button located on the back of the control for 5 to 10 seconds: if the problem persists, contact Playstation support .

What devices can you pair your controller with to play?

Gaming has evolved over the years, going from playing exclusively on computers, to the appearance of consoles and until we reach the current times in which you can play from basically any device .

Currently there is a wide variety of devices in which you can connect your Playstation 4 controller to play either via USB connection or via wireless connection thanks to Bluetooth. The main devices are these:

android phone

Whether you play with Android emulators or download games from the Play Store for your phone, you can connect your PS4 controller to your phone via Bluetooth and play with it as long as the game supports it .

iOS 13

Of course, Apple phones also have support for the Playstation Dualshock 4 as well as for any other control . Just connect via Bluetooth and play any game that supports external controls.

With your iPadOS 13

As with Apple mobile devices, iPads also have support for connecting any controller to them (including the PS4 controller). So you can make the most of your iPad in gaming.

macOS Catalina

Apple Macs are other devices with controller support. Being the equivalent of Apple products for computers, they are the devices that provide a better experience when playing.

The biggest advantage you can get from Apple devices to play games is that the company has the Apple Arcade service : which is basically a subscription service for games available for all the company’s devices.

Con tvOS13

The operating system for TV also has support for connecting controllers to play. This is particularly useful considering that in recent times cloud gaming has become more prevalent in the market, which allows any device with an internet connection to be able to run games.

You are now free to use your Dualshock 4 on as many devices as you like. Don’t forget that you can connect any of your Playstation controllers to your PC as many times as you want, as carrying out this process repeatedly will not cause any negative effect on your controller.


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