How to disable Bluetooth on PS4 controller

PlayStation 4 includes in its menu a list of all the devices that are synchronized with the console. Also in this section are those that can establish a Bluetooth link with the console, such as the remote control. There are certain aspects to consider to activate or deactivate the Bluetooth link correctly ; in addition to the possibility of establishing the connection between the remote control and other devices.

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  1. How to deactivate the devices connected via Bluetooth on your PS4?
  2. How to reactivate Bluetooth on your PS4 controller?
  3. What additional devices is your PlayStation 4 controller compatible with?
    1. Android
    2. iOS 13
    3. iPadOS 13
    4. macOS Catalina
    5. tvOS 13

How to deactivate the devices connected via Bluetooth on your PS4?

To access this list of devices linked via Bluetooth with the PS4 console and deactivate the ones you want ; You must access the ‘Settings’ panel in the console menu. Now, you will have to select the box identified as ‘Devices’ and you will be able to access the list of devices compatible with the video game console.

Then, you will have to locate and enter the box called ‘Bluetooth Devices’ ; where those that are connected by this means are shown. You will have to select the specific device from which you want to deactivate its connection; subsequently selecting the option ‘Disconnect’.

In this way, the devices you disconnect can be used only through a wired connection with the game console. So you can save their battery.

How to reactivate Bluetooth on your PS4 controller?

To activate the Bluetooth connection of the console with the controller or with any other paired device; You must go to the ‘Settings’ section in the PlayStation 4 menu. Then, you must select the box called ‘Devices’ to see the list of devices that are connected to the console.

Later, you must access the section identified as ‘Bluetooth devices’ to see which ones are compatible through this connection. There, you must select the remote whose Bluetooth connection you want to activate. For this, you must press and hold the PS button on the controller to activate the wireless connection and be able to use it.

What additional devices is your PlayStation 4 controller compatible with?

The advantage that the wireless controller of the PlayStation 4 console offers is that it is compatible with different devices. This is thanks to the fact that the PS4 Dual shock controller allows you to establish a stable connection via Bluetooth.


To establish a connection between an Android device and a PS4 controller , you must go to the ‘Bluetooth’ function ; in the ‘Settings’ of the device. Once inside this function of the phone, you have to select the option called ‘Search for a new device’.

Then, you must have previously charged the controller and with this turned off, press and hold the ‘PS’ and ‘Share’ buttons simultaneously; this for a few seconds until the light on the remote flashes white. Now, among the available devices that appear on your device; a new one must be identified as ‘Wireless Controller’.

To formalize the connection between the remote and the Android device, you must select the ‘Wireless Controller’ device and accept the pairing. This will allow you to play on your PlayStation 4 console using your phone; using the PS Remote Play application .

On the other hand, when you want to remove the link between the device and the console controller; the correct way to do this is to connect the controller via the USB cable to the PlayStation 4. After it is connected, you must press the ‘PS’ button and the Bluetooth connection will change its link to the console.

iOS 13

To connect the PlayStation 4 Dual shock controller with an iOS 13; you will have to press at the same time on the control, the ‘PS4’ and ‘Share’ buttons for a few seconds. To carry out this process, you must keep the remote off and have charged it; pressing the buttons until the light on the remote is white. Then, you must activate the device’s Bluetooth in the ‘Settings’ section, to later select the ‘Available Devices’ option.

In this section the nearby Bluetooth devices will be shown, the one corresponding to the remote control is identified as ‘Wireless Controller’; you must select it and establish the wireless connection. To break the connection with the phone and link the controller again with the console; You must connect the control via USB to the console and press the ‘PS’ button.

iPadOS 13

In the same way as with other mobile devices, to connect the PS4 controller to an iPad ; the remote must be switched off and charged. To activate the controller’s Bluetooth device, you must simultaneously press the ‘PS4’ and ‘Share’ buttons; until the remote control light blinks white.

Following this, you must activate the Bluetooth device on the iPad in the ‘Settings’ section and then check the ‘Available Devices’ option. There should appear one identified as ‘Wireless Controller’ that represents the one of the PS4 controller, you must select it to establish the connection. When you want to finish it, connect the controller to the PlayStation 4 console using the USB cable and press the ‘PS’ button.

macOS Catalina

To establish the connection between a macOS computer and the controller of the PlayStation 4 console; You can use the remote’s USB cable or establish a connection via Bluetooth. In the first case, you must connect the latter to the computer using the USB cable and then press the power button on the remote . Then, you must select the box ‘About this Mac’ in the ‘Apple’ menu on your computer.

Later, you will have to select the option ‘System report’ and choose the box of ‘USB’; in the panel on the left side of the window. Among the available options, you must locate and select the one corresponding to ‘USB wireless control’; this is the name of the option even though the connection is via USB .

You must activate this option if it is deactivated by default; then you can enjoy any game that is compatible with the function. Period during which you can put the PS4 console in sleep mode . On the other hand, when you want to end the link, disable the ‘USB Wireless Controller’ function; and disconnect the controller from the computer.

Now, if you want to establish a Bluetooth connection between the remote and the macOS computer ; You will have to enter ‘System Preferences’, within the computer menu, and activate the ‘Bluetooth’ function. Subsequently, on the console control, with the same off, press the buttons corresponding to ‘PlayStation’ and ‘Share’; simultaneously for a few seconds, until the light on the controller flashes white.

On the computer, in the Bluetooth window the option designated to ‘Wireless Controller’ will appear, it will be visible; select it to establish the connection. To finish it, you must connect the controller to the PlayStation 4 console and press the ‘PS’ button.

tvOS 13

To link the PlayStation 4 console controller with an iOS TV ; You must turn on the Apple TV and go to the ‘Settings’ of the device. There, select and activate the ‘Bluetooth’ function of the TV. On the other hand, you must activate the Bluetooth of the PS4 controller; holding down the ‘Share’ and ‘PlayStation’ buttons at the same time.

Now, on the TV, you must locate the device called ‘Wireless Controller’ which is the remote control of the console; select it and wait for the connection to be established. This way you can use the PS4 controller on the iOS TV in compatible environments. To end the link, you must connect the controller to the console via USB and press the ‘PS’ button.

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