How to disable autoplay in Windows 11

Definitely, on many occasions, automatic playback on our computer can be very annoying when we insert a removable drive or memory card. So in many cases it is better to disable the playback automatically in Windows 11 . A little further down we are going to show you how to do it step by step.

Disable autoplay in Windows 11

The first thing we will have to do is open Windows Settings, for this we simply press the key combination Windows + i; Additionally, we can right-click on the start button and select the “Configuration” option from the drop-down menu.

Once there will be “Settings”, we will have to go to ” Bluetooth and devices ” in the left sidebar. Then, we go to the right and click on “Automatic Play”.

In this section we will be able to choose how automatic playback works or directly disable it completely. If we want to deactivate it, we will simply have to click on the switch located just below ” Use automatic playback for all media and devices “.

How to disable autoplay

In case, if we like to use automatic playback, but we want to modify the behavior of it. Then we are going to have to look for the section of “Choose autoplay defaults” which has two drop-down menus.

If we click where it says “Removable drive” we will see the following options:

  • Configure storage settings: this allows us to configure the storage in the configuration application.
  • Take no action: this means that nothing related to autoplay will happen when we connect the unit; but we can find it in file explorer as usual.
  • Open folder to view files: basically it automatically opens the file explorer when we connect the unit.
  • Always ask me: a window or menu will appear where it will ask us what we want to do.

Below this, we find another drop-down menu called “Memory card”, where we will find several options:

  • Import photos and videos: basically it will copy all photos and videos from memory card storage; in the Windows 11 Photos library.
  • Import photos and videos (OneDrive): does the same as the previous option, only copies all the content to a OneDrive folder.
  • Play: automatically play content, multimedia files.
  • Take no action: nothing will happen when we insert a memory card.
  • Open folder to view files: it will open Windows explorer to view all files:
  • Always ask me: Windows will ask us what we want to do every time we insert a memory card.

Once we finish, we will simply have to close the Settings window and the changes will have already been applied


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