How to detect burned areas on OLED screens?

Knowing how to detect burnt-out areas on OLED screens can be very useful, whether it is an Android or iPhone mobile device, or a television.

Although this is one of the most advanced technologies that exist today to create the displays of diversity of devices, it presents a recurring problem and is the well-known burned areas.

Why are some areas of these screens damaged?

Although these panels offer better contrast than other technologies , thanks to their sharper handling of black and the intensity of other colors; as well as lower energy consumption, they are more prone to damage and much more expensive.

Reasons why, the number of users who prefer devices with these panels and who do not dare to use them are similar.

In this sense, burned areas on OLED screens of smartphones and televisions are mainly caused by two factors that are related to each other.

The first is that this technology is based on the manufacture of organic components, which tend to degrade with constant use much faster than other materials.

Which leads to the second point, and that is, prolonged use with images that are static greatly favors certain areas of the screen being affected.

For example, the notification and shortcut bars on phones; Like the scoreboards of sports matches, or similar presentations, on televisions, they cause the pixels in those areas to suffer burns.

How can I tell if there are burned-out areas on OLED screens?

Sometimes it is possible to detect if there are burnt areas on OLED screens, televisions and smartphones, because spaces with a lighter coloration are seen on the panel.

If this is not your case, or you cannot notice any difference, you can try this method that you will see below, which is the easiest and fastest to use.

Now, in order to check if one of your OLED devices has burned areas, you will only need to play a fixed color image or photograph for a few seconds.

For example, you can use Hulu on the Smart TV or  watch Netflix from your device on the TV . So you can start to see if there is something wrong.

You will be able to check the status of the panel, since, if it is intact, you should see an even and clean image. Whereas, if there are burnt areas, the pixels in them will appear much darker than the other areas.

The image that you will use for the test must be completely unicolor and can be any ( yellow, red, purple, green, blue …), but it is recommended that it be quite intense or vivid so that the process is much easier.

What can I do if there are burnt areas on my OLED screen?

If you have been able to detect the burned areas on OLED screens of any of your devices, it is best to contact the company’s technical service .

Since, if the equipment is still within the warranty period, they will have to replace it without any additional cost (if it is so established), since a possible burn damage in the pixels of the screen should be covered by it. You can also try fixing dead pixels on the phone screen or OLED screen.

In the opposite case, that is, if your television or telephone no longer has a warranty, the same technical service can give you a quote for the repair of the screen.

Two things are important to consider if you are contacting the company. The first is that you must be clear when talking about your problem, explaining that the OLED screen has burns, so that they can provide you with the relevant help.

And, the second is that you should never use methods or procedures to check or repair the screen that could affect it in any way.

Why? Well, if you carry out any operation that ends up damaging the panel, you will lose any possibility of warranty repair, you could even end up completely damaging your device.


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