How to Delete YouTube Video

It has happened to you that by browsing YouTube you get a video of your authorship, or of the authorship of the company for which you work, or of a friend, copied to another unauthorized account. This time we will show you how to report or delete a video copied from YouTube easily and quickly.

It happens more often than desirable that unscrupulous people copy videos and post them on their YouTube accounts or channels, violating the copyright or copyright of third parties . This type of copyright violation of course represents a crime. But since YouTube is a global network that crosses borders, it is often extremely difficult to report these types of events to the law.

If the video is of your authorship you can report it on YouTube for copyright and copyright and thus get it to be removed

It also happens that, when posting a video on YouTube, technically the product is considered by many to be a public domain video. However, it can also be reported by the author or authors, or by the production company if it is the case, if it considers that it is being used commercially or improperly.

Many users started using YouTube to be able to earn money from their videos or their channel, that is why maintaining the originality of the video can be so important.

YouTube allows you to report to remove any copied content

For generators of multimedia content , YouTube is perhaps the most suitable platform to upload their productions through the web. Hundreds of hours of videos and multimedia products are uploaded to YouTube every minute. In this note we explain the steps you must take to report deleting a copied video from YouTube.

Of the thousands of hours of videos that are posted on YouTube every second , the company only evaluates, when there is music, that it has its Copyright in its rules.

The rest of the videos, images and multimedia that are also uploaded are not subject to a rigorous check. However, the companies or persons affected may request through a complaint the elimination of a product X that they consider violates their copyright or damages their intellectual property.

Millions of videos per minute

YouTube as a leading platform for providing multimedia content and videos , is full of people who aspire to make money easily, without complicating their lives. They do this using a Google AdSense account .

Thus, they blatantly copy from the same platform or from others like Instagram; quality videos and upload them back to YouTube as if they were made by them.

In these cases, as you are not able to withdraw them yourself but the company, YouTube allows you to report them and after proper verification of the platform, the products are withdrawn.

How to report and remove a copied YouTube video?

The first step is to have a way to prove that the video is your intellectual property or that of the company you work for. You must be able to prove your rights.

The main way is to have the URL of the original video hosted on YouTube or another platform, dated before the video or videos that are reported. If the video is not hosted on any platform, a legal document that proves authorship.

In this way, you open your YouTube account and position yourself on the video that you want to disable. At the bottom of the video there are three options: ” share ” “Save” and “More” or three dots. You position yourself in this last option, you click on it and press “report”.

The next step to delete a copied video on YouTube is to meet all the requirements that YouTube requires. These are requirements that have to do with your allegations as to why you want to disable the video in question. Here the option that must be indicated is “It infringes my copyright .”

The information must be verifiable

An important aspect to take into account when making a complaint of this type is that the data provided must be true, fully verifiable.

This is so because YouTube proceeds to make a check and if any of the data is false, the complaint is not valid. It can even lead to legal problems if it is found to be a false report.

Once this is done, you will have to wait a few days for the company to carry out the verification and offer a response. Here we show you the steps you should take to report and delete a copied video from YouTube.

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