How to delete your private conversations on Instagram – With the app and PC

Today one of the most used social networks is undoubtedly Instagram. In its beginnings, it didn’t allow you to do more than just view and publish photos , but since Facebook managed to acquire it, it gradually became a great app.

How to Delete Your Private Conversations on Instagram – With the App and PC

One of the things that most characterize this platform is the similarity filters in the stories and the infinite number of edits that you can make to your photos and videos in the application’s camera. There is a new feature that allows you to send self-destructing photos on Instagram , but right now we will talk about what happens after you delete a chat in direct messages and if you don’t know how to delete them here you will also learn how to do it.

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  1. What happens to the other chat when you delete Instagram conversations?
  2. How do you delete a private Instagram conversation?
    1. With the Android app
    2. From an iOS mobile
  3. Can Instagram conversations be deleted from the official website?

What happens to the other chat when you delete Instagram conversations?

There are always a lot of unanswered questions when we talk about social networks and one of them is this. When you decide to delete a chat on your Instagram account, you have to know that this conversation will be completely deleted only on your account. But this is not going to have any effect or change on the other side of the conversation.

For this reason, we recommend that you be sure of the type of information that you reveal in your conversations, taking into account that all the data that you have sent to that person will be intact. This works only so that you do not remember some type of conversation that you had with someone close to you who is no longer there or some relationship that you have ended.

How do you delete a private Instagram conversation?

If after knowing what happens in the other part of the chat when you delete the chat completely and it is decided or decided, here you will see how you are going to do it from your Android phone or from an iPhone. But be clear that everything related to the chat will be deleted, including Instagram voice notes .

With the Android app

As the Android system is one of the most used at the moment, this type of custom applications are much better for this system, so some processes, such as deleting a chat, are easier than others. You have to enter the Instagram app in which we are sure that you are already logged in.

Whenever you are on the main Instagram screen, you are going to look for the ‘Direct Messages’ icon. This icon is at the top of the screen on the right side, after you press it you will be located where all the Instagram chats are. Now you will scroll the screen until you find the chat that you are going to delete.

As soon as you have it, you will have to hold down on the chat for a few seconds until a tab appears that has several options . Among the different options you will press the ‘Delete’ one that is at the top of that window, after you do so the chat will be completely deleted.

From an iOS mobile

If, on the other hand, you have an iOS system device, which would be the iPhone and iPad, you will have to eliminate them in this way. Open the Instagram app and at the top of the screen you are going to touch the DM icon, which is a little paper plane. After you do this you will look for the chat you want to delete.

When you have located it, you are going to slide it to the left and thus a few options will appear, among which will be the ‘Delete’ option. After you click on it, a warning message will appear , then you can click on accept and this chat will be completely deleted.

Can Instagram conversations be deleted from the official website?

If the initiative to completely delete a chat is active in the Instagram application for phones, it is very clear that this option is also active in the web version. But the process is a bit different from the app . So that you can delete it, you will first have to search for the Instagram website on your computer and you will log in.

After you are in your account, you will go to the messages icon that is in the upper right part of the screen and you will click on it. Now you have to enter the chat you want to delete and there in the corner of the chat bar on the right side you will press the ‘Information’ icon, which is an ‘i’ in a black circle.

There will be several options, of these you will choose the one that says ‘Delete chat’. After you do it, you will only have to accept that you want to delete the chat and that’s it, it will already be deleted.


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