How to delete uninstalled apps with Universal Debloater

Universal Debloater is an automated tool that allows you to remove all system applications that are unnecessary for regular Android use . Suitable for Windows, macOS, and Linux, Universal Debloater removes all unwanted software at once to speed up your phone and reduce battery drain . Of course, you have to use it very carefully .

Most Android devices come with a base software (operating system) on which manufacturers place their own custom layer. This layer significantly increases the value of the mobile or tablet, always in exchange for certain inconveniences: higher battery consumption, less available storage and apps that are not always to the user’s liking . These apps usually prevent their uninstallation, but there are always ways to kill them.

Your Android very clean with Universal Debloater

System applications do not allow their uninstallation for good reasons: the device often stops working properly if these apps do not remain discoverable . Of course, it does not happen with all, because the apps and games that come as filler are never necessary for the phone. And they occupy resources that sometimes come in handy to release.

How to clean your Android mobile thoroughly: erase all the garbage safely

Android does not allow you to remove these applications directly, but you can erase the installation of system apps using advanced methods and using ADB. By connecting the Android to the computer, and executing certain commands, it is possible to delete the system apps one by one . This method is somewhat cumbersome; hence Universal Debloater is a great help.

The automated uninstaller software recently updated its user interface to offer a better design along with greater ease of use. Universal Debloater comes preconfigured with most brands of mobile phones, also with some operators : just select the specific data and run the software so that the Android mobile or tablet is cleaned of unnecessary software.

Universal Debloater can remove applications that you really need, it is also possible that your Android device stops working correctly after using it. Be very cautious

With the warning done, let’s see how Universal Debloater works.

  • You must have ADB running on your computer. Install it from here in case you don’t already assume about it.
  • Download the Universal Debloater interface that corresponds to your computer’s operating system.
  • Universal Debloater needs to be in the folder where you have the ADB application. Put it inside “platform-tools”.
  • Connect your mobile to your computer after activating USB debugging on your phone (found within the developer settings ).
  • Open Universal Debloater and accept access to the RSA key on your mobile: you are all set. In the event that it does not connect, make sure that ADB works correctly.
  • The Universal Debloater interface will detect the brand of your phone by loading the list of applications that can be uninstalled. Remember: they are only a recommendation, you may delete something that you later miss. Typically, everything it recommends is safe to remove.
  • If you click on each application, the program will show you what it does on your phone. Only in English.
  • Choose the applications you want to uninstall and click on the ” Uninstall Selection” button at the bottom .
  • In case you regret it, you can restore the deleted apps by selecting “Uninstalled” in the second top drop-down. Click on the “Restore” of the ones you want again and Universal Debloater will reinstall them.

The software is extremely powerful, very clear and easy to use. With it you can remove any application from your phone, with the logical risk that this entails.

The apps are not completely removed, only their installation . In the event that you restore the phone, or receive an update from its manufacturer, they will surely appear again. Although you can use Universal Debloater to remove them again.


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