How to delete the location history of Google Maps

One of the most requested topics by many people on the web, is about the correct way with which you can erase search and location histories that are stored within Google Maps.

When you search for a place within the application or, failing that, when you send a location in real time , Google Maps automatically saves that route and records it for future occasions.

This action is also carried out throughout the day with all the sites you visit every day. However, this is an action that not many people like, for this reason they always look for a way to disable or eliminate this action permanently.

For this reason, in this post we want to explain to you the step which is the process that you must carry out in order to erase the search history that is within the Google Maps mobile application.

Likewise, if what you are looking for is to carry out a much more drastic action, within this post we will give you all the details you need in order to have greater control of these mobile applications.

Clearing search and location history

The option to erase the search history and also the locations, is a tool found within the mobile version of Google Maps. And since we always want to get the most out of this application , this task becomes extremely important to get a better performance from Google Maps.

Likewise, the entries can only be deleted, if they are done one by one, although it sounds tedious it is possible. To do this, you must start by opening the application and after that, pressing from left to right on the screen, you will see the side menu of options .

Within this side menu, you will be able to view different options, all of which are related to Google Maps, it is here where you must click on the ” Settings ” section in order to enter the application settings.

Once here, you must locate the option “Maps History” , in which all the searches you have made will appear, as well as the routes. Likewise, you will see that this section is arranged in chronological order.

To proceed to delete each of these tabs, you just have to click on the icon with the “x”.

In this way, this information will be automatically deleted from the history of your application, however, before carrying out this action, the application will launch a warning message , in which you are warned that when you carry out said action, the related activities are also deleted.

Clearing location history from the web

If you want to delete information which is much more profound, the best thing in any case is to go to the web. To do this, you just have to enter the chronology web that Google Maps offers you , and if what you are looking for is to completely erase the location history , you just have to click on the trash can icon.

Once you press it, you will see that a confirmation window will appear in which you must click on the option “Delete location history”.

Likewise, it is possible that from the web, you can eliminate certain locations from the history, using “days” as the main filter .

In order to carry out this action, you must first of all click on the “Today” button and when the box specifying the trips appears, you manually access the history of the day, and then erase the trips you want to delete one by one. . Remember to always keep the application updated to enjoy all its functions in a better way


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