How To Delete Telegram App From Your iPhone

The Telegram platform has gained popularity because this instant messaging service not only puts you in contact with your loved ones and friends. You can also video chat, send and receive files, voice memos, and much more. In addition, it is one of the lightest applications compared to its rival WhatsApp .

However, perhaps for some reason you want to get rid of this application and you have not been able to achieve it. If that is your case, then continue reading this article so that you learn how to delete the Telegram application from your iPhone device permanently.

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  1. What steps should you follow to delete your Telegram application on your iPhone?
    1. Directly in Telegram settings
    2. From your application installed in the App Store
  2. Why doesn’t Telegram allow you to delete the account from your iPhone?
  3. How to know if your Telegram Web account is also deleted?

What steps should you follow to delete your Telegram application on your iPhone?

Deleting an application is very easy. However, it is important to run the process properly so that there is no trace of the App on the device that unnecessarily overloads memory. In the case of those who own an iPhone device and wish to delete the Telegram account , they can do so from the App settings, and from the App installed in the Store. Next, we will show you how to do it in each case :

Directly in Telegram settings

To carry out this procedure, first open the Telegram App, go to Settings, click on the name where your username appears. Then, you enter the Privacy and security option , this section allows you not only to delete the account by following each step, but you can make changes so that your account is deleted automatically if you are not using it, choosing an approximate period of weather.

Emphasizing this point, we continue with the process. From your iPhone device proceed as follows: Enter Telegram, click on Settings. Then, you click on logout and you must confirm the action by clicking on logout again . Finally, you must confirm that you left your Telegram account . In this way you have deleted the application from your mobile.

From your application installed in the App Store

The App Store application offers you a collection catalog of all those Apps that you can download, such as Telegram. But, if you don’t want to have this application, you can delete it from this digital library. To do this, enter the App Store and in the drop-down menu, click on My applications and games and on Collection .

In this window you will be able to view all the applications that you have added to the App Store collection catalog . Next to each application there is an install button and an X to delete, you just have to click on the X next to Telegram and then confirm the action, clicking OK. Thus, it is removed from your application installed in the App Store.

Why doesn’t Telegram allow you to delete the account from your iPhone?

If you have tried to remove the Telegram application from your iPhone, but have not been successful. You should probably head over to the app’s cache and clear it. You go to Settings, Storage data, then Storage usage and click on Clear Telegram cache . It is also advisable to empty the application chats and proceed to eliminate Telegram by following the steps explained at the beginning of the article. Restart the device and check.

How to know if your Telegram Web account is also deleted?

You can delete your Telegram account from your mobile device. But if you want to know if your Telegram web account is also deleted, you must confirm this action by entering the App from the web. If it is not deleted, you can make the request for deletion immediately . To do this, you must enter the phone number associated with the account and click Next.

Upon receiving the code, you must enter it in a small window that will be displayed and click Sign in, in Spanish, Sign in . And immediately, the Telegram web account will be deleted. You should know that this Telegram account deletion process is irreversible. Therefore, if you want to download the App again, you will appear as a new user and those who have your phone number added will be notified that your account has been deleted or that you do not have Telegram.

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